A round up of my favorite 2021 Outfits

“If you love something, wear it all the time… Find things that suit you. That’s how you look extraordinary.” ~ Vivienne Westwood

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Outfit Round Up 

Hey friends! Here is another 2021 round up! This time featuring some of my favorite outfits of the past year. My style has always been about that versatile fashion. Buying pieces that I can dress up or dress down and take from season to season. I strive for that balance. I love getting dressed up, but I also love hanging out in leggings and a cute cozy sweatshirt. There isn’t one better then the other, and each style has its time and place which usually correlates with my moods.

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I, of course love summer fashion, but this year I had a jacket, I was obsessed with and styled it with everything in the fall. I also lived in my Dudley’s which admittedly are investment pieces, but also sustainable fashion as they are made out of water bottles. Then of course there were my staple pieces that have carried me through not just seasons, but years. Fashion has always been a form of self expression and making statements whether superficially because I just like it, or on a larger social and global scale. The pandemic has definitely changed fashion the last couple years, but it has also made me appreciate more the getting glammed up and nights out, though I will never say no to lounging in sweatpants! Many of these pieces also snuck into my heart unexpectedly whilst still pushing me out of my comfort zone! So without further adieu here they are.

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The Jacket

As I mentioned above this jacket from Lulu’s was the absolute best and it instantly made any outfit I wore into my favorites. In fact it not only got its own blog post, BUT it also was one of my best selling items on my LTK page. It is the perfect transitional piece which I love because I definitely get my use out of it!

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The Best Maxi Dress

I did not expect to love this dress from Pink Lily. I first bought it in the green print. But I loved it so much I had to buy it in the leopard. I love how it looks like a top and skirt but is really just a dress which makes for easy dressing AND styling. I really hope they bring it back in other colors in 2022, but in the meantime I’ll keep rocking these.

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My Favorite Swimsuit

Sometimes our favorite pieces are the ones we least expected. I LOVE this white bathing suit and the top especially is one of my favorites. It is comfy and chic, and I never have to worry about it falling down! Win-win! It also goes with everything.

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The Perfect Sun Dress

We all need a sundress and this is it! It was also an out of my comfort zone choice that I ended up loving! I typically tend to more neutral prints, but the nautical colored stripes inspired me, and I do love a good maxi dress. I ended up wearing this for my birthday and several other special occasions I had during the summer.

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The Perfect Wedding Season Dress

Wedding season is just finding its groove again after last year, but this green dress is perfect! It actually comes in multiple colors, and is perfect for whatever season wedding you have! You can also dress it up or down which I loved.

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Christmas Best

I fell in LOVE with this red dress this year. It really was my favorite (if you couldn’t tell!) Christmas outfit and one of my favorite (I won’t say THE favorite, but it is close!) dresses this year. It is so fun and chic and just all around festive!

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The Palmer puff

I have a Dudley problem, but this style is my new favorite. It debuted this year. I first got the pink which I loved, but then decided to go outside my comfort zone and get the orange and I am so happy I did. It pairs well with everything, from skirts to denim, to leggings. The puff sleeve really does add that extra pizazz.

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Lululemon Jacket

NOT to be confused with the Lulu’s jacket, the Extra Mile jacket from Lululemon was another favorite AND bestseller. (I am so happy you guys are as obsessed with jackets as much as I am!) It was a staple when I would photograph, as it was lightweight while still keeping me warm. I loved all the pockets (which were also super helpful) and of course the thumbholes! I actually used it as much in my day to day as I did when I would exercise. A tried and true staple!

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The best travel outfit

Not that I did much traveling, but for real these joggers, and this graphic tee are chef’s kisses. It was comfy, while still being put together not to mention it is very on brand with the Airplane Mode quote. I felt put together while still super comfy.

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My new favorite sweater

This was another piece I didn’t expect to love, but once I got it, I loved it so much I knew I needed to buy it in other colors which I have. It is so cozy, yet instantly makes any outfit not only chic, but look put together. It is definitely a staple going into 2022.

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The best winter jacket 

I always lamented on how even though I tried to be minimalist, I had to many jackets. And I realized that that is because winter coats ARE a fashion statement. If you live in a cold climate you need multiple jackets. And well friends, I do have multiple jackets. But I just might have found my most favorite jacket of all! It is so chic while still being warm! It is a win-win!

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Obviously I wore alot more throughout the year, as well as purchased other items, but these are the ones that I remember feeling my most confidant self in, as well as still being comfortable and chic. There were just as many days spent in sweatpants are there getting glammed up and honestly I wouldn’t;t have it any other way. I can not wait to see what 2022 brings for fashion. I know it will be interesting!

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Do you have a favorite outfit or piece of clothing you rocked this year? 


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  1. My Queen came to SLAY!!! Honestly, all through the year when I saw your content in 2021 I just kept thinking ‘wow’ every content you posted was just chefs kiss and I am here for it yesss Queen. I’m loving these outfits and I’m loving you. So so proud of you babe, love you!

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