A Social Distanced Easter

“Holy darkness, blessed night
Heaven’s answer hidden from our sight
As we await you, O God of silence
We embrace your holy night”

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter framily! A day late. I had originally wanted to get this up yesterday, (and then earlier today) but fitting with the way life is at the moment, it did not happen. Not going to lie it has been a weird Lenten season. And the last few days definitely were that. Y’all know my love for Christmas (and God Bless Hallmark for airing Christmas movies these last few weekends, PLEASE keep it up!) but I also have a huge soft spot for Easter.

Raised Catholic, this was always my favorite time of year to not just celebrate my religion but to connect with it. It is the holiest day on the Christian calendar, and even as a child this is the time of year would resonate with me. I felt I understood it.


I admit I am not always a perfect Catholic (far from it) and I have to laugh, because I feel I channel some of what my Grandfather called CAPE Catholics (those who only attended mass on Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, and Easter) though he forgot to add Holy Thursday and Good Friday which make up the Paschal Triduum along with Easter. As sacrilegious (literally) as it sounds, weekend mass does not always resonate with me like the Triduum does, and even when I was in New York, I would always attend mass this time of year. Even if I joked with my Mom about husband hunting.

It is both somber and hopeful. And right now we need that more then ever, which is why it is so bittersweet we can’t be (understandably so) in church celebrating. But that is also when you take the scripture and live it, though any and all singing needs to be pandemic checked because girlfriend does NOT sing, even in the shower.


A Different Kind of Celebrating 

While it was different and admittedly weird, it was still a fun holiday, seeped in tradition even if it wasn’t of the religious kind. I woke up yesterday morning and went for a long run and then did one of my mentor’s classes online. Honestly, just hearing her voice is instant calm, and it makes me miss her and all my teachers in New York so much. Here is the link if you want to check her out, it is an abridged 30 minute version of her class on IGTV through Equinox and Pure Yoga, and while it isn’t enough Kay Kay, I will take whatever I can get!

After my workout I took a shower and decided to get glammed up. Even when we celebrate at home, which growing up my Mom was the queen of hosting, I would always get dressed up and this year is no different. While I couldn’t display my Easter Best at the Easter Vigil, I was going to do it regardless of who saw me!


The bunny had visited the night before, and he (she) didn’t even have to wear a mask! Though he (she) should have cleaned his paws because they left a mess EVERYWHERE! (My parents do paw prints and may or may not have gotten carried way this year much to my nephews and niece’s excitement) He also was a tricky rabbit and hid eggs up high despite being vertically challenged. I had the fun job of hiding them and we are still finding eggs today! Oops.

The kiddos came over in the afternoon, and we had an egg hunt, as well as fun with all the goodies the Easter Bunny brought them. I am such a proud Aunt because my nephew has gotten into Harry Potter and is watching the movies with me! It makes me so excited because I am a huge Potterhead. (Ravelnclaw for life guys!) He is still to young to read the books, but I have been explaining parts that the movies didn’t really expound on. Not that I need too. He is so smart that he has already picked up on things that took me only ten re-reads to do.



We also celebrated my Mom’s birthday (a day early) since the kiddos unfortunately were not going to be here today. I channeled my inner Julia Child and made a cake for her. In my past life (ahem, ten years ago) I use to be a baker, so I dusted off my chef’s hat and pulled out those (extremely) rusty baking techniques. It was fun, and it made me remember how much I love baking. I won’t ever go back to it as a career, but it is fun to drop in on it from time to time.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday which always brings up a smorgasbord of emotions. She years it is easier then others. I usually try to do something fun to honor her and her adventurous personality. The last seven years or so, I usually went to see a show, but unfortunately due to the pandemic, I cannot do that. Whatever I do, it won’t be anything to crazy. Perhaps a hike, or maybe just some time outside. With the crazy and historical times we are living through, it definitely makes me wonder what she would be thinking right now. Knowing her, it would usually have some smart ass quip involved.


I usually share the lyrics from the song I posted at the beginning of my post every Easter. It is one of my favorite songs and played this time of year, usually on Good Friday, but it is also one that was played at my sister’s funeral. It seems especially fitting with everything so close together as well as what is occurring now, because the songs meaning is very much part the pep talk I tell myself on a daily bases to get through all of this. Darkness never lasts. The light does come, and it will, even when everything seems so bleak, the light does eventually shine through.

I hope you all had an amazing and blessed Easter framily, and I hope you are al hanging in there. SO much love to all of you!


How was your Easter? How did you celebrate? What is your favorite Easter Candy? 

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5 thoughts on “A Social Distanced Easter

  1. Love this. You certainly nailed the emotion,
    holiday, timing, as well as current happenings that all of these events are churning up.

  2. Glad you made the best of it even if it had to be socially distant this Easter! Your outfit was perfect! Haha, it was my first Easter at home in two years and my parents did not even care, so they’re not even CAPE Catholics hahaha! Hopefully next year you can have a more “normal” Easter!

  3. I just adore your blog and posts- they bring me such comfort since your blog is one of the first I ever started reading, and it’s a “consistent” thing in all the inconsistencies in life right now. Does that make sense? Your Easter outfit is absolutely gorgeous. How fun that your nephew is now into Harry Potter too- I’m excited for him and for you! Yessss girl- Ravenclaw!! Happy birthday to your mom and I send you huge huge hugs for your sister’s birthday. No matter what you chose to do, you always celebrate her beautifully. Thank you for sharing, love <3

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