A Wedding Tale Ending

When two people make love look effortless you know it is true, beautiful, and for always. Saturday I was witness to that. It wasn’t the exquisite details or avant garde fashion of the bride and attendants. The precision in every detail, or the care freeness of lawn games and dancing all night.

Set in a whimsical, mountainous landscape of New Hampshire, with a birch awning and flowers to speak their vows under, as well as a tent filled with twinkling lights to celebrate the night away. It couldn’t have been a more perfect setting to pledge love, commitment, and happiness.


Dressed in lace and tulle, Kate Middleton, had nothing on my stunning friend, except perhaps height, but as a fellow short girl, height is terribly overrated. Sleeveless, with a long, yet, modern train, and a jeweled sash, Brittany was elegant, stylish and an utterly beautiful bride. Her attendants rocked stunning dresses in green-blue shades that even I would re-wear again. It was the epitome of chic wedding fashion that would make Anna Winter stop and take notice.


As a fashionista, of course I was excited to see the dresses, and clothes, the colors and decorations. But the night was more then the superficialness of fashion.

It was the ease of camaraderie, the acceptance and respect of who each the bride and groom are and the flowing banter and caressing glances of love back and forth. The vows, not read like a movie script, but written and spoken from the hearts of both the bride and groom.


Photo Courtesy of Ana M Waitkun 

I have been to enough weddings to witness the spectacles. The airs that should win Oscars and be made into Broadway plays. Where you question who and why they are marrying, if not for the status, dress, to have the MRS, and big party.

Saturday was not that. We were all witnesses to true love. It wasn’t just a show between two people, but love enveloped and wrapped around everyone in attendance. By the end of the night it felt like we were all one big family and drunk not on champagne, but utter joy for Brittany and Eric.


Weddings can be stressful, fickle devils. trying not to forget a single detail. Attempting to appease everyone. I am sure it didn’t always feel that way while planning, but Brittany and her family were the consummate hostess’. Nothing overlooked and everything down to a T. While they took care to ensure the guests were comfortable and had fun – though their was no need to worry about that, especially from Table 15!- the night went to the couple.

I was truly blessed and humbled to be a part of it and bare witness to such love. While water proof mascara was a must, from the vows to the father daughter dance, it was tears of sheer joy mixed with so much laughter and smiles. It was the official joining of two people who were always meant to be together.


Congrats Brittany and Eric!


Photo Courtesy of Spring Smith Studios

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    1. Omg I was so in love with it! And she removed the jeweled sash and used it on a shorter lace dress for the after party (unfortunately I don’t have any pics of that:( ) She was absolutely stunning! And such a fashionista!

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