Act of God: A Review

What I am about to say might sound sacreligeous to theater goers butttt: I am not a fan of plays.

Gasps! What? Did I really just say that?

Alas it is true! For me a theatre experiences isn’t a theatre experience without music and dancing and basically what Broadway represents. (Les Miz, Phantom, of the old crown and Hamilton, Finding Neverland of the new)


While yes there are plays on Broadway, and it is technically theatre, their is also a reason TKTS has a separate line for plays, and it is always the shortest line. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen plenty of Broadway plays, one of my favorite was seeing Jessica Chastain and Dan Stevens (yup THAT Dan Stevens) in the revival of The Heiress. To be perfectly honest that was the only play I have ever actively wanted to see.

When my friend told me she had tickets to see Act of God which was Gasps! A play. I was hesitant, but I couldn’t beat the price of the ticket or the fact that it was Sean Hayes.

I am so happy I went!

Sean Hayes portrays God portraying Sean Hayes. He is here to answer questions and straighten the record on important matters such as the Ten Commandments and the creation of the world.


This play is not for the Politically Correct crowd by any means. Spoofing not just the Bible, and religion as a whole, but interjecting healthy doses of current affairs such as the on going U.S. election, gay marriage, (“Before their was Eve their was Steve”) celebrities, and everything in between (Does my name really need to be shouted during sex?”) it was refreshing, honest and down right hysterical.

While not everyone in the audience found it amusing, as someone who was raised Catholic, I wasn’t offended. Not even a little bit.

In fact I have never laughed so hard during a show. It was literally non-stop laughs to the point that I had tears streaming down my cheeks and was cursing the fact I hadn’t worn waterproof mascara.

It was a rousing and enjoyable hour and a half (no intermission) making us remember us why we love Sean Hayes and his impeccably timed comedic chops. While it wasn’t a sign from God, the show was a reminder to not take life so seriously, and to laugh a lot more.

Plus you can’t beat a cast that is appreciative of its audience.

James Gleason (whom I got a selfie with! Eeeek!) and Sean Hayes came out to sign autographs! 

Act of God is playing at the Booth Theatre until September 4. I highly recommend you not run but fly to see it!

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