Adult Board games

“I love board games. You’ll find me enjoying board-game nights rather than out at a bar.” ~ Drew Scott

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Adult Board Games

Back in the spring I shared some of my favorite board games as a kid. Even now as an adult, I still love playing Monopoly or clue with my nephews and nieces. In this COVID era, where we are still quarantining, it has gotten dark and dreary with winter coming (unintentional GoT reference there) and to add insult to injury, some places are now locked down, again, board games are a great distraction, even for adults. Actually I feel like I get more fun out of them AS an adult then I did even as a kid.


I not only find the humor in everything, but my mind will always go there. ALWAYS. I can’t help it! Thankfully their are games like Card’s Against Humanity that feed that part of my mind. It also helps that I have friends and family who are the same exact way, so it always makes for fun, yes dirty, hilariously entertaining, entertainment.

Games also make great gifts whether it is for an individual or the whole family and with the holidays coming, what better gift idea? I shared more kid friendly games in this post, but I decided to give the adults some love, or maybe just a good stress reliever and share some of my favorite ADULT board games.


Cards Against Humanity

Ahh the tried and true. Is there a single person who does NOT love this game? I feel like if you don’t, you also probably hate Christmas, and puppies, and babies, and juts life in general. Cards Against Humanity is the gift of laughs that keep on laughing and the best part? It is so flipping portable! It is literally a box of cards, that is easy to carry whether it is to a friend’s apartment, a weekend away to nantucket or sitting int he backroom of a Lower East Side Bar playing and drinking until four AM….Not that I ever did that last one.


And the cards are genius. The rules of the game are simple someones reads a black card, and then everyone else puts a white card down to finish it, usually something hilarious and insanely inappropriate. There are alternating rules, as well as expansion packs, (like the absurd pack) both official and knock offs. (like the Harry Potter knock off, Cards Against Muggles or the very dirty one, Crabs Adjust Humidity) Be warned you will get an ab work out. I could go on and on, but Cards Against Humanity just might be my favorite game ever!



I know you are probably thinking Twister? An adult game? But honestly you have obviously never played it drunk, or with adults that are not limber OR adults that ARE limber. Again I can neither confirm nor deny, especially deny, (Sorry Mom) this, but it is a heck of a lot of fun, and filled with entertainment. Honestly I don’t know what is better whether to be an observer or a participant.

For those who don’t know the rules, you spin a spinner, or in this high tech world, you connect it to your Alexa, ad follow wha it says. So if you have to put your left hand on the blue dot, and then right foot on the red dot you do it. The trick is not to fall. Like with most games there are unofficial rules, as well as ones you can make up. And the trick is? NOT to laugh, which is insanely difficult to do, but if you do you might take other people out, again can neither confirm nor deny this.


Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is another tried and true and I feel like the precursor to Cards Against Humanity, or maybe the albite supposedly cleaner version…If you aren’t playing with myself or the people in my life. Unfrtunetaly if you are it is going to be highly inappropriate for small children. Unlike Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples has a word on the green card, and you have to pick a red card that best describes that word. At least that is how you are suppose to play.

Again, unfortunately if you are playing with my family and friends we typically pick the funniest, more times then not, inappropriate, card not the most accurate. But honestly what is the point of games (and life in general) if you aren’t going to laugh?


Boxers or Briefs

Is in my opinion Boxer or Briefs is a combination of Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples and equally hysterical. You all get cards with multiple phrases in different colors on them, someone called the reader then rolls a dice and whatever category is rolled you give the reader a card to match that phrase. The reader picks a true one AND a funny one. Of course the hard part is when they are ALL funny and none are true, which happens quite a bit. It is also hard when you can’t read the phrases without cry laughing.


Drawing Without Dignity

I feel like this is a double entendre towards me, because I can not draw worth Sh*t. Seriously. Drawing Without Dignity is similar to Pictionary, except it has the humor of Cards Against Humanity. You pick a card and you have to draw it and it usually isn’t the most appropriate of subjects. But it sure is hysterical, especially if you are someone like myself who literally just draws stick and circle people.

These are just a few of my favorite ADULT board games. Emphasize on adult. In these pandemic times, board games are fun even for those of us who are older. Heck, even adults need to let loose and have some laughs every once I awhile! And these games do that in spades!


Have you played any of these games? What is your favorite Adult Board Game to play? 

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5 thoughts on “Adult Board games

  1. oh my goodness hun I LOVE this! I love and enjoy board games so much, I find they are the most perfect way to relax… I literally just am so in the moment having pure fun when playing board games. Have you played ‘What Do You meme?’ if you love cards against humanity and the games mentioned here then you will love what do you meme, its very similar but with meme pictures incorporated so of course hilarious!!!!!!!!! Drawing without dignity sounds great, I may have to get this for someone this Christmas. Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Have you ever played “Dirty Minds”? Not a board game, but cards that describe an ordinary object – only in a way that makes you think the card’s describing something dirty. I lose every time but it’s hilarious!

  3. This post gets me so excited because I’m such a board game junkie lol I’m always that friend that wants to play one. I haven’t thought about twister for so long (along with Clue) but omggg nostalgiaaaa <3 <3 Best games!!! I've been loving those card games too like Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples so fun and funny! I think one of my favorite games to date is still, Life 🙂

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