Adult Coloring -No Not a SATC Reference

I am addicted to adult coloring.


Not like that!

Please get yo’ head out of gutter!

Seriously, though, I pinky promise I am not being dirty and yes it is a real thing.

And yes they really do need to find a better name for it.

Last summer a good friend (and fellow Gemini, I might add) got me hooked on them. This past Christmas my family decided to feed that addiction and I got six different coloring books. From Mandalas to Harry Potter (I fanned girled at that one) I was hooked.

I know you are probably thinking if I like coloring so much, (and no it is not a Sex and the City reference) why don’t I just get a kid coloring book. I could and I have used kids coloring books. I am not ashamed to admit it.

But Adult coloring books, are essentially coloring books on speed. While kids books have large images and the hardest part is coloring the eyes with blue to create blue eye shadow (yes I was a fashionista even back then) Adult Coloring books are intricate minuscule designs where at times you need a magnifying glass to color them and much much patience.

While it might sound frustrating to some, it is oddly relaxing to me and to many I have talked to about it. In fact, they now have coloring Meetup groups, (you can go to to find one nearest you, I kid not)

And now I just discovered they have adult dot to dot. As a kid I was obsessed with them, and to now have an adult version made me giddy with joy. I may or may not have caused a small scene when I first saw them in Books A Million in the Portland Maine store. I was just so ecstatic, and in my defense sleep deprived.


I digress though, in the adult version, the numbers are minuscule, and can go all the way up to five hundred on some of the pictures. They also have lower case and upper case letters. Their are a couple that even are mega dot to dot on steroids and have roman numerals.

You can find these fun for adult books at any bookstore near you as well as craft stores and some supermarkets.

Who said adults had to outgrow their childhoods?

What is something you loved as a kid and still do?

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