Advent Calendar 2020 Days 1-12

“For Christians, Advent reminds us why we need Christmas in the first place. It relies not only the grace of God but also the assent of Mary to the divine will.” ~ Michael J. Knowles

Counting Down to Christmas 

Last year was the first time that I did an Advent Calendar after years of seeing my friends and fellow bloggers do them, as well as TALKING about doing it. I am so happy I FINALLY took the plunge, because I had an absolute blast doing it, that I knew I was going to do it again this year.


I began my hunt in September, in part because I was super excited, and also because I had a feeling quantities would be limited, and I was right. A lot of companies that did calendars last year, either didn’t do them because of production restrictions or they had limited inventory. 


Last year I had done two; Sephora’s twenty-four day’s Advent Calendar, and Ulta’s twelve Day’s of Christmas. Unfortunately this year the only one that really appealed to me (at least in the US, Lush does one for the UK and they really need to sell that here! Just sayin’!) was Sephora’s. And it is just as good if not better then last years!


Wild Wishes Advent Calendar

Every year, Sephora does an Advent beauty one, and while it has a lot of their bestsellers, they always try to switch it up, from the theme to the surprises each day. This year’s calendar is called Wild Wishes and filled with colorful animals and tropics. I am so happy I was stalking Sephora’s website because the calendar released the end of September and by October it was sold out online. 

Unlike last years, this calendar is a little more compact and much more durable, and while it has two flaps that open to reveal the little doors, the gifts are kept to the middle portion and open on all three sides. I am also finding it a lot easier in opening the doors as opposed to last year where I felt like I was destroying the box. 


The first 12 days…

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Sephora’s Advent Calendar gave to me… I know super cheesy but I couldn’t resist. It has only been twelve days and already I am content with the daily surprises. They always include some of their masks, which I love, and behind the little doors so far I have received their cucumber eye mask and charcoal nose mask, as well as an exfoliating face scrub and a hyaluronic acid cream, which are awesome surprises. 

They also always include a small mirror, and this one matches the jungle theme, as well as nail polish remover wipes, and an eyeliner. I have also gotten two nail polishes in a burgundy red and a gorgeous sparkly nude and a small gold hair clip. They also included one of their bath fizzes that was in last year’s calendar and that I loved so I am super happy to receive it again as they don’t sell them individually. 

All in all I am really impressed with this Beauty Advent Calendar and I love all of my gifts I have received the last twelve days. I can not wait to see what  I get these next twelve days! I am so happy I jumped on the Advent Calendar train! They are such fun little surprises leading up to Christmas especially this year! 

Do you do any Advent Calendars? Which one is your favorite? 

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  1. I didn’t even know Sephora made an advent calendar! This year I scored one of Aldi’s cheese advents. The only downside is it has to be kept refrigerated and it takes up so much room.

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