Advent Calendar: Days 1 to 13

“Why is there an end of the year? Because the calendar imposes numerical order on time. There is a natural fitness in the celebration of the New Year, a holiday of numbers imposed on things, with lists, as well as with Advent calendars and songs like ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.'” ~ Elif Batuman

About Dang Time!

Guys, I FINALLY did it! I FINALLY got an Advent Calendar, after years of talking about it. I am so frickin excited that I feel like I am six years old again waiting for Santa. Except now I am a grown adult. For years, I have watched friends like the amazing and beautiful Dannii  post about Advent Calendars and I just could not get my act together.


Growing up, and being raised Catholic, we use to spend all of December doing Advent-esque things, from having our own candle wreathes where we would light a new candle every week up until Christmas or own version of Advent Calendars, it isn’t something I am not familiar with. I just kinda “Let it Go” as Elsa says as an adult.


No more! This is the year I did not one but TWO Advent Calendars. I looked high and low all the way back in October, because these things sell out so quickly. It seems they have a calendar for everyone, but I decided on two beauty ones.


Sephora’s Beauty Advent Calendar

The first one is from Sephora and is for the full 24 days. I honestly wasn’t sure WHAT to expect. Part of my hesitation about doing these is that, I am super selective about the products I use, and didn’t want any to go to waste, but I decided to take a chance and I am happy I did.


I have gotten, eye-make-up remover wipes, a lipstick, a nose mask, eye and lip liners, a highlighter, as well as several bath fizzes. Their have been a couple duds, like a penguin pen, and a hair elastic, but over all I have been super happy with my little piece of joy each day.


Ulta’s 12 Day Beauty Advent Calendar

The second one is from Ulta and is a twelve day one which starts…TODAY! This more then the Sephora Calendar was a risk, because I do not shop at Ulta. (I know sacrilege) I settled on the bath one, because I don’t think you can ever go wrong with bath products. I am excited to see what is in the calendar, and who knows maybe Ulta will get a new customer.C691165B-2E2F-4F0C-99A3-48C65EFF3DCF

The Next 12 Days

As I write that I can not believe there are only 12 days left until Christmas! Time is flying by. I am definitely happy I jumped on the Advent Calendar bandwagon. (Which side note: Calendar is such a weird word to spell!) I have even gotten my niece and nephews involved helping me to open the little windows. Like I wrote I feel like a little kid doing these but that is the magic of Christmas, it keeps us forever young.


Do you do an Advent Calendar? What is your favorite one to do? 

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2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Days 1 to 13

  1. Yay you finally got calendars😊😊😊 I love Sephora so I bet that’s a fun one to have. I’ll be hitting up a Sephora when I’m in NYC soon. Ooh a bath one from Ulta. Excited to see what kind of bath products you get in it x

  2. I didn’t know Sephora had this! Thanks for sharing. I bought my cousin a similar product but from Trader Joe’s (not really known for their beauty products, but they tried…)

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