Adventures in Boston

I realize this is probably Blasphemous to say as a girl born and raised in New England.

But I have never been a lover of Boston.

Gasps! ~Cue shock and horror~

It is true. With my mom from New Jersey and close to my grandparents. I always felt a kinship towards New York more so then Boston. I was and still am a diehard New York sports fan. Growing up in the Mountains of New Hampshire I was the “enemy” But then so was my Grandfather.

I wore it proud.

From a young age, I knew New York which was six hours away, better then I did Boston which was only three. I Could count on one hand the amount of times i had gone to Boston. It was once for a vacation. And while Faneuil Hall was cool (and I got a necklace with my name written on rice…I still have it!) and I loved the Aquarium and ocean front, it didn’t hold a candle to New York.

But much like hometowns, in my “old” age I have found a new love for Boston. Some of my closest friends are from there (I don’t hold it against them, just like they don’t hold New York against me…to much) and as a major revolutionary war buff (Renaissance woman remember?) Boston is rich in history.

This past summer I got to experience some of that, by going to Fort Warren on Georges Island in Boston Harbor. And while it was used primarily during the Civil War, rather then the Revolutionary, the fact nothing was off limits, added to the fact that it is supposedly haunted, was pretty cool. Not to mention kinda spooky. At one point my brother and I were walking down corridors where even with a flash light, it was pitch dark. I had been to Forts but this was cool.


The beginning of the very dark creepy hallway. We had to crawl through first before could stand. I felt very much like Lara Croft.

I am hoping this summer to be able to do the Freedom Trail as well as tour more of the islands and see Boston’s lighthouse. Especially since that is where my next book is set. A working vacation I am happy to take. #Shouldabeenamermaid





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