I like to dream, yes, yes
Right between the sound machine
On a cloud of sound I drift in the night
Any place it goes is right
Goes far, flies near
To the stars away from here ~ Steppenwolf


While many shows went dark Tuesday night, Aladdin was not one of them. With tickets ridiculously cheap, I knew it was a sign I had to go. I have been chomping at the bit to see this show since it first came to Broadway two years ago.

As a child Aladdin was one of my favorite Disney movies. I know what you are thinking, NOT Little mermaid? Nope. I use to even watch the Aladdin cartoon on Disney. It was my half hour of television as a kid. So being able to see this show is not just a dream come true, but also a trip down the child hood memory lane.


Oh. My. God.

I know that sounds so articulate, but seriously, from the first strains of the orchestra to the lifting of the current to reveal exquisitely intricate and colorfully designed sets, it was one magic carpet ride I did not want to end!

The sets and costumes were unbelievable. My eyes didn’t know where to look, from buildings that moved seamlessly across the stage, to back drops which seemed to bring a Taj Mahal like palace alive with in moments. I was immediately visually sucked into the land of Agrabah. As far as set designs go, Aladdin has just become my favorite. I was truly impressed with how sophisticated it all was truly creating the illusions that made the movie so beloved even including the magic carpet!


By far my favorite scene was “Friend Like Me.” I had no idea how the play would bring to life the tricks and fan fare that made it so enjoyable in the movie. Lord did they deliver! James Monroe Iglehart was pure delight. Making the audience and myself laugh, clap, cheer, and ooh and ahh, as they brought to life a roaring party in the Cave of Wonders. It made me want to get up and join them and I may or may not have been dancing along in my seat the whole number.

While the cast of many Broadway shows move on (Ahem, Hamilton sniff, sniff.) Aladdin has managed to keep the leads of all major characters, with the exception of two of his three best friends. Jafar, is and equally delightful albeit creepy treat played by Jonathan Freeman who voiced him in the movie. The chemistry and camaraderie shows, especially between Adam Jacobs (Aladdin) and Iglehart who are supremely talented. After thousands of shows, you would think they would get sick of the same songs and perhaps even each other, but the joy and exuberance they gave, made it seem like it was opening night all over again. Jacob’s voice sent chills down my spine and brought tears to my eyes as he sang Proud of Your Boy with such emotion.


I would be remiss, if as a fashionista, I didn’t comment on the costumes. They were positively stunning. I could not take my eyes off of the intricate craftsmanship of lace, sequins, and tulle that adorned the outfits. It was only enhanced when they danced, twirling their long skirts, and even at one point dancing with scarves. I had fashion envy!

I highly recommend seeing Aladdin. It isn’t just for kids, in fact many adults were there that night. No matter how old you are, you are never to old for Disney!


What is your favorite Disney movie? What one would you love to see on Broadway?

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20 thoughts on “Aladdin

  1. What an enchanting night!!! I have to say I am quite jealous 😉 Thanks for sharing so we could all get a taste. And naturally, you were radiant as ever!! Favorite Disney movie is probably Pocahontas and broadway- I would love to see Lion King!! But any Broadway show is bound to be phenomenal

    1. It really was! Awe thank you so much. You are the sweetest! Oh my gosh Pochantas was ny first Disney movie I saw in theatres I think I serenaded my family for years afterwards with just around the river bend😂 Lion King is one of my favorites. If I ever return to (adult) competition I have this whole program choreographed in my head to King of pride from the Broadway version. I really hope you can see it some day soon! 💗

      1. Currently the Lion King is in San Francisco!! I want to go so so bad but we are saving for Christmas gifts! Maybe next year :)!

    1. They are and I now understand why🙈 I wanted to see this last year, but it was more expensive then wicked! I actually lucked out, any other night and I would be begging Santa to get me tickets for Christmas 😂 💗

      1. Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing! 😱 I really want to watch it now, I can imagine all the vibrant colours and the beautiful decor on the stage! I think the last one that I saw was the Wizard of Oz in London.. Thank you so much for sharing!😍 xx

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