Amazon Favorites and 2022 Prime Day Deals

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” ~ Jeff Bezos

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Happy Prime Day!

Friends, while I try to stay away from fast fashion there is no denying that Amazon does have some amazing (ha pun unintentionally intended) deals, and it is perfect to grab certain necessities especially in today’s kinda, maybe, hopefully, post pandemic world. Because let’s face it during the pandemic they came in clutch. When you didn’t want to go out, Amazon was there to save the day. While they still have books, and yes I am a proud Kindle reader, they have since expanded to anything and everything your heart can and will desire. In fact they have things you didn’t know you needed!

While I love a sale, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. BUT there is nothing wrong with window shopping especially if you come across something you didn’t know you needed, but now you can’t live without. Not to mention it is July, and Hallmark is playing Christmas movies. You know what that means? Christmas in July friends and you can get a jump on some of your Christmas shopping right NOW. I am sharing some of my must have and favorite items, from Amazon! Happy Prime Day Shopping friends!

Lanzom hat

I know you guys are probably sick of me sharing this hat but it is my absolute favorite and one I rock all year long. (seriously) I own it with a black band, a brown band and a navy blue one. The brown one though, might be my favorite because it is the most versatile It is perfect for the beach and yet dressy enough to wear out to dinner if I want too. It is a great alternative to more expensive brands and I have owned all of my hats for years and have never needed to replace them!

Toiletry case

Honestly, I don’t use this as a make-up case but rather to hold all my toiletries which may or may not include make-up. See what I did there? It is a goodie and has been around as well as been shared by quite a few bloggers for a reason. Because it is it makes life way more easy! It legit is like a classier version of a caboodle (remember those?) and it organizes everything. I love how you can personalize it for your needs with the removable dividers and it has so many pouches that there is a pace for everything. It is great for storage as well as to travel with. I feel like I need to make an honorable mention here because Amazon really does have the best product to help make traveling more easeful. I love their packing cubes and they have a wide assortment you can choose from, with all different styles AND colors. They also have suitcase protectors which I love. And this might be taking liberties, but I tis important to always travel with an umbrella and they have the cutest ones! 

Off the shoulder dress

I have been wearing these dresses for years. And I know, I know I said I stay way from fast fashion, but I will admit the quality of these dresses is incredible. I have owned my blue one for about six years. And again versatility is the key. I can dress it up and dress it down. Wear it as a beach cover-up or for a night out. It comes in so many different colors of which I probably own about half of them because it makes going out in the hot summer air so effortless, while still looking and feeling chic.

Beach Chair

Another item y’all are probably sick of me sharing, but friends it literally might be my favorite purchase of 2022. In my old age I am finding sitting on the beach isn’t like it use too, so this year for my birthday I decided to invest in a souped up beach chair and souped up it is. It has multiple reclining positions including a foot rest. It comes with several pillows for optimal support AND it has arm holes so if you are laying on your stomach you can read. It is a splurge, but I have NOT regretted it at all.


I will say Amazon is amazing (there I go again!) for shoes. I buy most of my flip-flops, Which include Reefs, as well as a generic leather sandal that has tons of cushioning on them. I also buy my sneakers here, as they have a wide variety of Asic Sneakers. They might be last seasons, but I certainly can not tell the difference, especially when they get the job done. Not to mention you can get amazing deals and save a ton of money. It is a win-win.

Milk Frother and Glass Jars

Two things I never knew I needed but now can not life without. First up is this milk frother. With a touch of a button, it starts frothing up for creamer of choice into foamy goodness. And friends believe me when I say there is a huge difference in taste. It is so worth it. Not to mention it is the gift that people don’t know they need, but will be so happy to have!

I am obsessed with these glass jars with wooden lids and reusable metal straws. They elevate any drink, and are perfect for sipping ice coffee, or maybe something stronger. But they also make drinking water enjoyable.

Tech/Blogging Stuff

Amazon is my go to for any and all blogging needs. From this tripod which is not only a staple, but it makes my job SO much easier when taking pictures. It is adjustable as well as being super lightweight and compact. I also buy all of my portable chargers through amazon and not only do they last me years, the slim design makes them easy to travel with. I also have this portable stereo for rocking out to tunes or having one epic movie night.

Huffy Bike

Last summer I bought a bike and I haven’t looked back. Huffy bikes are so retro and no not because I grew up with them, but the style gives me instant diner vibes. I love the fun colors, and all the frills that these bikes come with. In fact they have even been updated to include a phone holder! Yes please.

Orolay Coat

Lastly I had to share this coat which I have literally shared every year because it is another good one and on Prime Day it is always super discounted. This coat was termed the Upper East Side Coat and for good reason. It is super warm, yet still incredibly chic. I love all the hardware on it AND it has multiple pockets so you don’t need a purse. It is definitely a purchase I am so happy I made all those years ago, and it is STILL holding up! You will thank me this winter! Fit is true to size.

Are you shopping on Prime Day? Anything in particular you are looking for? What do you love about Amazon? 

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