Amid the Mermaid Tears

“I have spent many hours on the beach collecting sea glass, and I almost always wonder, as I bend to pick up chunk of bottle green or a shard of meringue white, what the history of the glass was. Who used it? Was it a medicine bottle? A bit of a ship’s lantern? Is that bubbled piece of glass with the charred bits inside it from a fire?” ~ Anita Shreve


Traveling to New Hampshire would not be complete without a trip to the ocean. It doesn’t matter what time of year, this mermaid needs her waves!

Exactly a year ago a friend took me to a sea glass treasure trove hidden amongst rocks and rolling waves at high tide. I didn’t go there much this summer, and it was singing for me to come visit.

There are many beaches that accrue sea trash. What makes this place so special, is you truly have to work for it. The benefits definitely outweigh all the labor. There is no parking. There have been many times when someone has stopped me and asked me where this place is, and where to park. When I tell them that you must park over a mile away, they sigh in frustration, shaking their heads and drive away having given up.


Patience truly is a virtue. About a twenty minute walk, with sites that are truly spectacular especially at sunrise and sunset, it is no hardship to strap on some sneaks and get a little exercise in before the real work commences.

When I took my friend here in August, she was in stitches as I got more and more giddy the closer we got to the mother load.

I had planned my adventure well with the tides and arrived at its lowest point, revealing all the hidden glory, waiting to be dug up. And what glory it was!


I have been on a quest for a long while to find a sea marble. Alas, I did not find one this time around, yet, the ocean still rewarded me for all my effort.

I have never found so much blue in one place before. They were such large, well cooked pieces! Popular colors especially in Maine tend to be whites, browns, and greens from the spirits people imbibe on. Shockingly I only found a couple pieces of white and brown. As for greens, many of them, I discovered were a mix of pale mints and gorgeous greenish blues. It was a blue day in the best sense!

With each pass of my shovel; a flat rock to scrape layer by layer of rock and sand, blue pieces were revealed. While most were cobalt, I did find ceruleans, teals, lapis’, and even a couple peacock pieces. My blue jar has just gone from being half empty to full.


After an hour, my Bait Bag envelope clutch was half full. Alas my sea glass tools aren’t always so stylish. I had forgotten plastic bags to hold my mermaid tears in and had to get crafty. Nothing was going to deter me in my hunt, even if I had to dump the contents of my wallet into my huge tote turning my usually organized bags into an appalling disarray. All for the sea glass craft.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and as the waves began to roll in, covering the sea treasures and bringing in more, I whispered a thank you to the mother sea, promising I would return soon. I waved good bye and began my walk back. I was a bit more weighted and much jinglier. But I had a very, very, happy heart.

Not just because I had lucked out with the mother load, though that will always put me in a good mood, but because it is such a peaceful place with just me, the sea, and sea glass. it is not just an example of simplicity, but connecting for a hot second with the wanders of nature. Truly embracing the journey and understanding that most worthwhile things in life come with equal amounts of work and passion. That the two coexist in a mutual harmony that when you finally arrive it was all worthwhile.


Until I see you again my exquisite mermaud tears playground.

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