An Autumn Update 2019

“Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.” ~ Elizabeth Bowen

Finally An Update 

I officially sound like a broken record, but I have been slacking hardcore. I thought I would be able to get two blog posts up in a week, but since it took me two weeks into October to even post I will take whatever blogging miracles I can get. I am in awe of all my blogger friends, like Jamie from Don’t Give a Jam, who are taking part in Blogtober. Maybe one of these days I will have my shizzle together to take part. Getting way ahead of myself, though is it REALLY way ahead of myself with seventy-four days to go? Anywho, I am kinda actually sorta maybe contemplating Blogmas. (okay maybe way ahead of myself) Do bloggers still do Blogmas? Are YOU doing Blogmas this year?

Of course in order to do Blogmas I actually have to post! And since I have been posting sporadically I thought an update was loooooong overdue as to why. To be honest, I have been so emotionally drained the last few months that writing blog posts have just felt like a ton of work. I am trying to get better and take time for myself, but this summer has been extra. (yes I am reverting to IGen slang)


Lack of blogging

It has also been difficult, because this is the place where I bare my soul, and I have felt unable to do that. It is funny how even when people inexplicably hurt and betray us, we still feel the need to protect them. And yet, as adults we all need to own up to the decisions we make and the repercussions that result from those senseless selfish actions. Unfortunately, I never in a million years thought the person who would have been my maid of honor, could turn her back on decades of friendship, cut herself from familial ties, and neglect her family just to cheat and have an affair.

It has been eye opening, and I don’t think I will ever be able to comprehend the actions nor will their ever be an acceptable reason for inflicting this much pain especially when it affects children. The last four months, since my move from the city really, has been me doing whatever I can, whether it is moral support or an ear, for my brother, my parents and most importantly my two nephews and niece who are going through so much, and yet don’t understand any of it. It honestly has left little time for me to be able to write and when I want to, I have been escaping into my novel, even editing (which I hate) has turned into a nice escape.


Embracing Fall 

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom though. I know, I fought the changing of the seasons hard, but if you have been to New England, you know you can only fight it so much. I still hate the cold, but with it there comes incredible beauty, especially when it involves fall foliage. It is like a magic wand was waved and Mother Nature decided to paint the trees with vibrant colors. Sometimes embracing change comes with immense reward when you stop fighting it.


If basicness was created anywhere, it was in New England.

And lord have I been channeling my inner basicness. From fairs, to apple picking (multiple times), to playing in the fall foliage, I have been making the most out of autumn. I might have even been converted to the ways of the PSL.

Whaaa– who am I?!?!


PSL Converter

Technically I don’t know if I am a true convert, but I am obsessed with Starbucks pumpkin cream cold-brew. It is nectar of the caffeine gods. It is all that is great in this world, and yes it might just be even MORE basic then the original PSL.


And I don’t care. Starbucks coldbrew is delicious on its own, and no matter what you add to it, it tastes like coffee heaven. Their pumpkin cream just takes it to that next level. Which is hysterical, because I really am not a huge pumpkin fan. (candles yes, in my coffee? No thank you) Somehow this works. I love the foam on top which is creamy and mixed with nutmeg and cinnamon for the perfect fall taste. If you haven’t tried it, you need to!


Fall Fashion 

When you move in the summer and happen to sell your life’s possessions you tend to forget that in four months time you are going to need all that cold weather wear you are selling. Oops.

Because the thermostat decided to drop to chilly temps when September 1 rolled around, I was left scrambling AND freezing for clothes to wear. Thankfully I have my ride or die brands I love, and a new fall wardrobe has also given me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and try styles and trends I otherwise wouldn’t have tried, like animal print.


Baking ALL them apples

Not to make you hungry or anything, (maybe this should have been a food update?) but with all the apple picking I have done, I had a ton of apples which I of course had to make something with. Bring on my homemade applesauce and apple crisp. I have shared the recipes before, and they are so darn delicious if I do say so myself. Especially the applesauce. There is nothing like homemade applesauce.

While I miss New York, it is incredibly nice to have a (much!) larger kitchen space to work in. I had about a bushel of apples so that was a ton of peeling and coring and mixing. I was so proud of myself because it only took me about three hours from start to finish and I was left with a dozen mason jars of applesauce and three sheet pans of apple crisp, most of which I am saving for the holidays.


Hallmark Movies 

If you hadn’t noticed I seem to be on a one track mind. Guys, One week. Actually LESS then ONE week until Hallmark starts their Christmas movies and I am so excited. I didn’t think I would be as excited as I am, but like I said above if you can’t change it, embrace it, and watch magic happen.

And the magic is happening! In the last week or so, I am starting to get ridiculously giddy about the holidays. As I mentioned earlier I am contemplating doing Blogmas, I have taken pictures for my Christmas cards, AND I am so excited for the Christmas movies to start!


Jetsetting FINALLY! 

As I post this, I am currently on my way back to my home of seven years. (alas not permanently) I am so frickin excited to see my friends, eat ALL the amazing food, AND see a show. (or three!) I haven’t done much traveling (unless you count driving to the beach, which isn’t really traveling) with everything going on, so I am super psyched.

Technically I am not “Jetsetting” in the traditional sense because I am driving, (pray for me!) but I am so happy to be staying in a hotel, (yes I am insane) getting some R&R and doing some adventuring. You can bet I will be taking ALL the pics (when am I not?) and drinking ALL the coffee!


How is your Autumn going? Have you been doing all the fall things? Are you getting excited for the holiday season to begin? 

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7 thoughts on “An Autumn Update 2019

  1. Aaw I feel you girl life is crazy and it’s hard to find time for blogging etc. Hope you’ve been giving yourself some self care time💕 Really sorry to hear about your brother, it’s so shitty that his little family is broken up. I had the same with my parents because of my dad’s cheating. Sending you love😍😘 xx

  2. THANK YOU for sharing the love beautiful 💛 I would love to see you do blogmas! i’m so sorry you’re going through that, that’s so tough. new england is the most basic place in the universe in the fall lol. i LOVE making apple sauce & i’m seriously so so excited for all the hallmark christmas specials to start. sending positive vibes!

  3. You know it’s bad when you start to love editing! Sorry you’re having such a rough time, hope things ease up soon. I almost miss the beautiful falls leaves – almost. <3

  4. You are very special munchkin and we love you but don’t let us drown you as we can be very overwhelming. It is important that you follow your own path since it is your life and right to live it as you need to.

  5. Wow, Kate, I’m so sorry for all that you & your family are going through right now. I don’t get what possesses people to cheat, ruining their lives along with so many others.

    I would LOVE to follow along if you decide to do Blogmas! A lot of bloggers did it last year so I think it’s still a thing, for sure. 😊 I am shocked you have turned over to the PSL-loving side lol, I have been super curious about this cold brew version though. I’ve heard great things!

    That’s amazing how many jars of applesauce & sheet pans of apple crisp you made. Will you be freezing it all to make sure it stays good until the holidays?

    Hope you had a blast in NY! 💗

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