Anatomy on Speed

Second week of classes and I am already failing in the blog department! After three days of intense learning about the human body, muscles, 206 bones (of which I am at 203 due to bones being removed out of my foot…but that is another story!) and of course our wonderful adipose and fascia (fat and skin for you none anatomy peeps!) not to mention how this all affects us, how we use it in yoga, how our bodies move…well you get the idea… I am exhausted!

Seriously I feel like I just had Anatomy on speed! Three short days of learning the human body. Of being force fed the human body….phewy! Part of me is glad it is over and the other part feels I need a whole three years to learn everything!

As much as it was a lot, I will say it is always fascinatin as someone who once contemplated a career in medicine. A very very very brief career, (before I realized all the math that went into it not to mention schooling! lol) I find the human body interesting.

Call it a love hate relationship, we all have them, especially with our bodies. And like a love hate relationship, we are morbidly drawn to it.

I mean regardless of whether you have something more seriously wrong, we all get frustrated with our bodies, whether it is physical, because we can’t perfect that headstand, or worse we have injured ourselves. Or something more mental in looks with our naughty adipose, or maybe we have a rash. Or maybe it is something as simple as bad breath or hair color.

Our bodies and its layers are fascinating. Regardless of how we think of ourselves.

When you think of everything that fits in our bodies, organs, bones, muscles, layers of fascia, and adipose, tendons, ligaments, intestines (which can you believe are hundreds of feet long!?) it is mind boggling.

Further more when you think of how everything works together so cohesively, it is truly amazing.

It is like the human body on Modern Marvel steroids, albeit one that evolves and keeps evolving.

So to learn all of this this weekend has been truly enlighting, if not mind exploding. Literally.

Of course as much as I will be dreaming about my clavicle and its many boney landmarks, for the next week, (did I say dreams? Probably nightmares……As I have images of my clavicle running after me! Shaped ironically like a chicken wing…why do I have these images? But I digress) or so, it will serve m in the long term not to mention help me in the intellectual department.

Don’t mind me peeps if I start spewing smart anatomical terminology for the next couple month. I gotta sound as important as I can…I kid…..kind of.

Namaste peeps!

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