Ancedotes in my Old Age

You might think that love will conquer all, but it doesn’t. Hard work does.

Kim K and Beyonce did not make the derriere cool, we can thank Da Vinci and Michangelo for that.

Acquaintances are fleeting, friendship leaves a lasting imprint on your heart.

So does love, whether good, or really really shitty.

Siblings are the first friends you will ever have.

They are also the first ones to inflict torture and daily doses of reality checks.

Get creative, even if it is only finger painting or drawing stick people. It keeps you young and sharp.

Politics is people who are wanting to be heard, and because of that, sometimes sound extremely articulate because of it. Not.

Travel feeds the soul.

So does a one night stand (or two)

It is okay to eff up. Yes royally “Oh shizzle what did I expletive do?” Eff up. It is how we learn, and I promise you will look back and laugh.

Life is bumpy, like Knight bus bumpy.

But it should be, because perfection is overrated.

Unless it is hair, a perfect head of hair is NEVER overrated.

Ugly Crying is actually a good thing. It heals and cleanses us from the inside out.

If you want to dress up every day do it. Fashion is an expression of ourselves. Rock your own style.

Grief never goes away, especially when a sappy song comes on (looking at you Adele) but you do learn to move forward with it.

Exes teach you lessons. First and foremost how NOT to commit murder.

The ocean is a lesson in continuity. It always moves, whether backward or forward, be like that ocean, don’t be like the dirty stagnate pee water at the river.

Wine and coffee should be savored, never guzzled. Yes college kids THERE is an art to drinking.

To quote Nike “Just do it.” Pretty self explanatory.

Pedicures are not just for new polish, but actually giving your feet Tender Loving Care. Take care of them, we beat them up a lot!

Visit a body of water, at least once a week, unless you are a land mermaid then visit every day.

Love yourself. You are only you. And you are perfect and Unique as you.

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