AnkhorRed: A Blogger’s Weekend

“The world is round so that friendship may encircle it.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Bloggers Weekend

I can not even begin to describe how epic this past weekend was. Not only did I get to meet and have a friend slash blogger stay with me, but I actually got to meet two bloggers. (more on the latter well later!) Ahhh I am still freaking out about it. I literally feel on top of the world I got to meet these two fantastic souls!

After texting, face-timing and realizing we were literally sisters from another mister, Sarah over at lifewithlilred came to visit me! Ahhh! (I think I broke every glass object in my apartment over my excitement!) It was literally a surreal moment.

I met her at the Port Authority Thursday morning, not just with bells on, but ready to show her a New York minute. Not only was it our first time meeting in person, but it was also the first time she had ever been to the city. It was my duty to make sure she experienced my city in all its glory!


Finally in the flesh!

I wish it had been filmed, and I apologize to everyone whose eardrums we burst when Sarah got off the bus and we finally laid eyes on each other. It was Blogger’s Love at first sight. It was also so surreal. After having Face-timed with her for months I finally saw her in the flesh, and guys, she is as sweet, funny, fashionable, and sassy as she is on her blog.

Despite having travelled for over ten hours, we chatted non-stop. Thursday was a low-key day, and I took her to two of my favorite restaurants, Le Pain Quotidian and Cascabel Taqueria. We finished the evening off at my favorite ice cream place, a new York staple called The Sweet Shop.



Friday, I took Sarah to my favorite breakfast place which I have mentioned once or twice (or a gazillion times!) on here, called Maison Kayser. Afterwards, we decided to Brooklyn it. Yes I totally made Brooklyn a Verb as it SHOULD be! No judgement.


After ooing and ahhing over the sights, which even made this jaded New Yorker get all the feels, it was picture time. Sarah and I had joked about how this was a blogger’s conference, (party of two!) but in some aspects it really was. We took all the pictures! I don’t think Sarah truly realized how many pictures we were going to take, but we did!

Our friendship was sealed, when she not only took great direction from me, (I know my best angles and can be quite militant about them) but also took amazing pictures! If blogging doesn’t work out, photography will!


After we explored some of Brooklyn, and ventured over the Brooklyn Bridge, I took her to another favorite of mine, BareBurger.

New York is a city of food and walking. Which actually makes the perfect pairing. You will not go hungry here, but you might go broke!


Stomach’s satisfied, we called it an early night.


Let’s be honest for a second. It wasn’t the fashion, or the blogging, nor our obsession with HP, or the belly laughs that solidified Sarah’s and my friendship. No. It was the fact we were both skater girls. If you have ever skated competitively, you know what I mean. That blood sweat and tears creates a bond for life.


The one bucket list item Sarah had, was to go ice skating. The rink at Rockefeller at serendipitously opened the week before. While I don’t usually skate at Rockefeller, (It is small and crowded. And did I mention SMALL?!) it really is one of those touristy bucket list items, I don’t mind that much.

The weather was unseasonably warm and many people (ahem tourists) took advantage, to strap on skates for a little while.


After skating, we walked around Rockefeller and then went to my favorite crepe place before heading back to my apartment, because the fated TV God’s had blessed us with a Harry Potter weekend. Which meant, nothing else mattered!


Sunday was a low key day. We went back to Le Pain for breakfast, before walking over to Carl Shurz for the Halloween Dog Contest which was so stinking cute! Seriously ALL the feels guys! I met a “friend” in the afternoon (more on that later!), and afterwards Sarah and I went to BareBurger for her last meal (boo!) before returning to my apartment for a last night of Harry Potter and chatting.


Bidding Adieu 

I took Sarah back to the Port Authority Monday morning, which was so bittersweet. I had the absolute best time with her. It can be so nerve-wracking meeting people. You make assumptions and build images in your head, that many times let you down, but not with this girl. She is as authentic, sweet, and fun, as she is on her blog and when we FaceTimed. We literally never ran out of things to talk too, and if she didn’t have to leave, we would STILL be talking. It was an absolutely amazing weekend, one that solidified a friendship and makes me so grateful to know this sweet beauty. If you have not checked out her blog PLEASE do!


Until our next AnkhorRed adventure!

Have you met any bloggers? Do any of your friends blogging? 

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26 thoughts on “AnkhorRed: A Blogger’s Weekend

    1. Awe YOU ARE the sweetest! I love YOU! And gurlll yasss! I have to say I love how serendipitous it was that Harry Potter was on when YOU were here! Fate I tell you! 🙂 Love you sweets! <3

  1. This sounds so amazing!! I’ve never met another blogger before but I do have an internet friend from Instagram. She’s really nice and studies near where I live and we had some great afternoons together xx

    1. Thanks beauty! It really was! That is awesome! I love meeting new people and when they are people you have connected with over blogging or pictures it makes it all the better 🙂 <3

    1. This put a huge smile on my face! Thanks sweets! You are a sweetheart as well and I hope some day soon you get to join our “bloggers conference” 🙂 Huge hugs <3

        1. Oh my god!!!!!!! I just got so flipping excited!!! Ahhhh! I definitely will! I hope it works out and if you need/want any suggestions let me know! Ahh this literally just made my day! 🙂 <3

          1. My flights 5pm UK time, so we’ll be there lateish. But I’d love to see you one day☺ I booked various things for my bf’s birthday so it’s a tight ship we’re running😂 But tomorrow is shopping day if you’re free or we have a rooftop bar at our hotel if you want to go for a drink one night☺ xx

        2. NO WAY DANI!!! You’re in NYC?!?!? I want to cry because I wish it was one weekend earlier!!!!!!! You must must must meet Kate because she’s an absolute doll!

          1. I know! It’s so sad I missed you. We choose this week as it’s my partners birthday Tuesday. I’ve messaged Katie as I’d love to meet her☺ I wish you was here too for a girly meet up xx

  2. Eeekkkkk! I love this! I’m so glad you guys had the best time, I had no doubt that you two would hit it off! I have never met up with another blogger before…at least not yet. But if I’m ever in your city, you better believe we’re meeting up!

  3. The dynamic duo has been discovered ladies and gentlemen. I cant wait to read more adventures you to have! AnkhorRed sounds pretty nice. I hope you guys remain the bestest friends because you 2 or the perfect bffs. Until next time from AdviceAgers 🙂

    1. Awe you are the best dude! Right? I thought we needed a celeb name! Awe hanks hun! I hope so too. She is pretty amazing! So are you! Love you mucho! <3

  4. I loveee the “AnkhorRed” at the end <3 <3 <3 I wish I could've met her on Sunday, I think I would've loved her too!!! You are such a good little hostess, tour guide, and New Yorker!!! Also her red hair is sooo on point!!! Like if you're gonna do red, it HAS to be that bright and bold, she rocks it so well! I can't help but to LOL at the Harry Potter weekend because it was honestly tough getting me to walk out of the hotel with Harry Potter on the TV. She must come back for a future blogging gathering….we're gonna make it happen!!! xoxo

    1. Not going to lie, I was seriously contemplating a Blogger celeb name for us, but it was not working. (I think I needed more caffeine! 😉 I wish you could have too but next time! Awe thanks sweets. it is the mother hen in me ;p Right?!?! I am obsessed with her hair, it makes me want to go back to red so badly. #hairgoals. Oh my gosh girrrrllll. Yes! I am sorry but the world stops for Harry potter. I do not care if I am in the most epic place and Prince Harry is standing right next to me. Nope sorry Harry Potter is on everything ceases to exist lol. Yes we have too! So much love to you sweets! I hope you are having a great weekend! <3

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