Ankhors Away

I love the ocean.

I know redundant statement, but it is true. The smell, the waves, even the gritty parts people abhor like the sand getting everywhere, and the salt water. I love it all. It is my happy place. It is my peace. If we could choose heaven, mine would be the ocean.

Through out my life, the beach is what has not only given me peace, but a different perspective. It is place that has spoken to me through its waves with the crash and burn against the shore, to the calming impenetrable water that occurs with the moon.

It is through that love, in which I discovered Anchors and not just their symbol of strength, but the spiritual aspect that dates back to early christianity into modern times. It is said that anchors were painted through out Jesus’ tomb.

I felt like I had come full circle, when in a Russian History class last year I learned Russian gypsy sailors thought of the  anchor as not just a pillar in a storm, but a symbol of love throughout the storm. I sat in class dumbfounded that my love of anchors and the sea coincided with my love of Russian history and mythology.

Anchors, are just that, they anchor you. They keep you set or grounded in times of trouble, and they break out, when you need to soar.

Over time I have collected a lot of what I call anchor fashion. Every time I need a reminder, I need only to touch my wrist (thank you Alex and Ani and Sail Winds trading Co) or carry my Sea Bag Maine’s tote with a blue anchor on it to feel a little bit more grounded and most especially closer to the ocean.

One of my favorite places, is Two Lights, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. There you will see a real anchor. It is a reminder life is like the parts of the anchor, and like the brawn of it, even when you sail away, you have to come back, and you will be stronger then you were before.

Where do you find anchors real or metaphorically in your life?

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