Another Weekend, More Wanderlusting!

Another weekend. Another adventure!

I am on the train again, headed to the South Shore. Sunshine, waves AND maybe a history lesson or two? What could be better?

Nothing! That is what! I am so excited. Especially because I am traveling in style.

The Acela line is one for speedy, business, no time to waste people. Because of that, it is usually pricier, but much more luxurious then other Amtrak lines. I lucked out, and it just so happened to be cheaper on a rainy, gloomy, Saturday where everyone was headed South instead of North.

The last time I took this gem, where every car is Business class (except for the first class car) and I kind of feel like I am in Victorian times with the echelon of society, I ended up surrounded by business men in suits. CEO’s, lawyers, Hedge fund managers including the Clinton’s. Yup, even the one percenters take public transportation over private cars.

Yesterday, it was a quieter, more casual bunch. Though I WAS in the quiet car.

By the time I got to South Station, I was ready for a splurge before I hoped the Commuter Rail like a Bostonian.


I have said it before, and I will say it again a train is the best place to get some writing done. And this trip was no different, except it was slightly shorter and the conductor had a healthy dose of humor. For which I had no complaints in either department!

And now I am off to run a race, because, well, I am insane. Thank god it has cooled down. Though I admit the last few days I have run, despite the ninety-plus temps. Just proof of my insanity.

I hope you are all having a terrific weekend and maybe enjoying a few sun rays and beach waves!


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