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Anthro’s Anonymous

Anthro’s Anonymous

You have probably noticed that I have a huge problem. A gigantic problem. Time to intervene problem. This is bigger then being a coffee or martini junkie.

I am an Anthro Addict.

What is an Anthro Addict you might ask?

Well Anthro is what Anthropologie calls their rewards members. And what groupies call Anthropologie for short.

Example A “Hey Kristine I am going to Anthro want to come?”

And example B would be, “Hey Kristine I am going to Anthro. Stop me! Cut up my credit cards! Save me from myself!”

I might be over exaggerating. Slightly. But I am to Anthro what groupies are to music. I salivate and wait impatiently for the next email.

Here is the thing. My wardrobe? Is probably 85 percent Anthropologie. I know this because I just did my spring cleaning and every shirt I own, Anthro. All my accessories? Anthro. My dresses? Anthro! My underpinings? Wellll a girl has to have some mystery, but I am sure if you guessed, you would be right.

I can even argue, some of my yoga wear is Anthropologie. Disclaimer, I didn’t buy it there. But Anthro does sell the Tanya-B tye dyed halter tops. Even when I am not shopping there, they are in my fashion brain!

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a major SOS. I truly love their clothes. They are one of the few companies, that has amazing quality and stands by their products. And while they are pricey, and my pocketbook cringes every time I even look at that store, because it is my Achilles Heel and I have to buy SOMETHING when I go in there – the prices back up the goods.

I have never had a product of theirs fall apart on me, and the few times I wasn’t happy with merchandise, they let me return it, no questions asked. I have shopped at other stores with very similar style and prices and had to find other stores (actually Anthropologie so I can’t complain to much) not because I don’t love the clothes. But because for the prices, the quality was crap.

That isn’t the case with Anthropologie.

Their clothes are unique with options ranging from wedding – seriously their BHLDN line makes me want to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and marry myself so I can wear one of their gowns – to the office, to a night out in Tribeca.

You know that movie with Natalie Portman where she lived in a Walmart? Well I want to live in an Anthropologie. They even sell housing-wares so it would be comfortable. In fact their stores are like a bohemian oasis. Especially in the city. It is like stepping into The country side of Italy or France. No wonder I want to spend all my money there.


Their accessories are a hidden gem. Who needs Henry Winston? Every time I slip on a necklace or bracelet I receive complements. They have put the statement into the jewelry. Their pieces add that extra pizazz as a fashionista you are always looking for.

I could go on and on. If you haven’t been into an Anthroologie store. Run don’t walk to your nearest one. Or go online. But be warned, it is an endless money pit with adding things to your cart. I literally want one of everything, especially since they have clothes that are only sold online.

What is your achilles heel in stores? The one place you know you will always find something and justify it unapologetically?

Happy shopping!



One of my favorite outfits from Anthro: Kimono and hat Spring 2015. Dress Summer 2014.

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