April Fool Surprises

Sooooo This week is the week of surprises!

For the last week or so I have been plotting!

Do not worry they are good plots. Make me feel better exquisite plots!

And the first one was surprising my big sis!

Her birthday was Saturday (yes peeps she was almost a joke!) And because I had class I couldn’t spend the day with her. Thus I decided to surprise her on the day of jokes.

The day she really should have been born on if our mother had delivered two hours later (and of which my sibs and I constantly reminded her…because we are such good siblings.)

Of course originally I was suppose to get up at 5 and leave my apartment at 5:30 seeing as how the train left at 6:20 because my brother in law who I had been in cahoots with was going to pick me up on the way to church at 8:30. Perfect right?

Of course after a tiring day of posture clinics the day before, I kinda sorta over slept, thus I woke up at 6:00 and seeing as how it is a 10 minute walk to the subway station, and then a 15 minute trip (assuming the subway was running frequently…it wasn’t) to grand central, and then I have to get my ticket and walk to the station, and pray for coffee somewhere close, you can totally see how I am making that.

Thus after freaking out for ten minutes, perhaps using some expletives…okay shit, which is so common is it really an expletive now a days? I hurriedly checked the schedule, took a shower and somehow made it to Grand Central to make the 7:50 train.

Now I would like to take this moment to point out a few things, one it was a Sunday morning.

Two it was extremely cloudy and drizzly out.

And three I was wearing a brightly colored pink skirt, Sam Edelman stillettoes, and I was walking down New York’s Avenues at 7 in the morning.

Do we want to take a gander at what people must have thought?

And seeing as I was running through Grand Central with a Starbucks coffee, like a mad woman, past a police officer, who was very blatantly staring at me…..it really is a miracle I wasn’t arrested.

Not to mention I might have been saying shit again because the subway was badly delayed.

Did I mention it was Palm Sunday?

Considerating what people must have thought about me and what I was mentally saying under my breath, I was behaving like quite the Catholic girl wasn’t I? Yes Jesus loves me.

But I digress, anyway I ended up taking a cab to the church, where I walk in and my nephews see me, my seven year old and my 5 year old do a double take, and get great big smiles on their faces, (they are cute little devils!) and then my sister sees me, and the look on her face, as they say, “Priceless.” She had no idea what to do or think.

And my Brother-in-law and I just keep looking at each other with smug proud looks on our face..

To say we weren’t behaving very holy was an understatement, but it was well worth it. Very well worth it.

I ended up spending the whole day with them, where we went to a birthday party, (at a roller rink, which unfortunately drew up images of the roller rink in Littleton, that has elderly nude skating on Thursday nights, this you can not make up, not even I can! All I will say is in the words of my Dad who is from the North Country so he can say this, “It’s the North country deahs!”) Also I do not roller skate, Ice skate, hellsya, roller skating noooo.

But it was amusing to watch.

And we also went to a diner, that I love. And in between all of this my sister and I did some sisterly bonding. Which was nice and meaningful and all of that good stuff.

Okay I realize as sarcastic as this just sounded, it was pretty good. She was happy that I surprise her, and she is happy that I am living closer. So are my nephews, I think they expect me to come back tomorrow. Of course according to my younger one that is why I moved here. I have decided to let him live with his delusions, especially cause it makes me the cool aunt.

As joking as I am it is nice to be closer. For most of my life (well since I was three) my big sis has lived hundreds of miles away, so to be able to be close like this is nice. It has opened up new doors, and a deeper more mature (depending at who you are looking at, cause after all I am very mature!) relationship.

It was a wonderful day (aside from the weather which I am no a fan of! It had better be nice for Easter next week! Or else) and I am excited for the rest of the week an what it brings!:)

Namaste peeps! <3

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