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I am not a fan of snapchat. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, it is hard to stay avant garde with all the social media and communication sites. I already fail miserably at responding to people’s messages on Facebook (and now Instagram has a message system too, how do we keep up?) What is wrong with an old fashioned phone call, or heck even text?

That said I am a huge fan of art. I go to the Met at least once a month to get lost in paintings see new exhibits. I am even counting the days for the new fashion exhibit next month.

I admit at times I have snarky humor when it pertains to paintings. Mostly modern art (it is a coffee cup people) but their are times when I ask myself what the – at times distinguished – characters were thinking. Thanks to College Humor I don’t have to imagine anymore. You are welcome in advance. Click on the link and be ready to laugh. I will even give you a glimpse below. Enjoy!


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