At World’s End

The day began damp and cloudy. At five-thirty the sky was grey as the sun tried to peek through the clouds. I donned my Lulu Lemon and my Asics and was ready to go on what my nephew called an Adventure Run.

In my opinion it was more of a battle, then an adventure. I was sleep deprived after traveling, but vacation or not, I was going to get my cardio in. It helped that I was going to a beautiful peninsula with a route that went along the coast and ended upon a hill overlooking Boston’s skyline. It might be painful, but the view and subsequent sea glass I would find would be worth it.

Also worth it, a much deserved jolt of caffeine afterwards. Those four shots of espresso in foamy skimmed milk was going to get me through come rain or runner’s legs giving out.

Despite having decided to be numb to the expedition I was about to embark on, the trepidation was unnecessary and the run while deservedly hyped up for the views, was relatively easy. A beginner runner would have no problem running up and down the trails at World’s End.


The many trails, made it versatile, with always something to look at, three miles went by quickly. By the time we made it to the top, we could see the sun rising behind Boston, burning off the fog and revealing a beautiful, albeit a tad brisk, day.


The ocean was at its lowest making the many bridges connecting sandbars obsolete and the looking for sea glass proving fruitful. In many ways World’s End lived up to its name. With the fog I was reminded of Pirate’s of the Caribbean. In the dawn of early light as the sun struggled to burn through, I could almost imagine I was at the tip of the world. A gentle balance between heaven and earth.


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