Back to Bean-Town I Go


I admit this week I was off my game. With Mother Nature deciding to go into a manic depressive state, her mood rubbed off on me. I am a sun girl, and as such, when it goes all Noah’s Ark, my happy bubble deflates.

This was not the week for my bubble to et go of some of its’ air, or my game to be off with the first of my adventures this summer beginning.

Yes, I know technically it isn’t summer. Yet.

I know it feels like we skipped summer and went to fall, but all just hairsplitting technicalities. Mother Nature might have decided she was going to cry for a week straight, but she is not going to rain on my parade.

I spent the week running errands in rain soaked Manhattan. I finished classes. Did that thing called a job. Finished the rough draft of my novel. I even found time to fit in a Broadway show (review to come).

I also bought a new carry-on suitcase for my travels by train. While I didn’t have the fore-thought to order from Kipling -which I am blaming on the weather – who make the most durable, spacious, as well as compact suitcases out there -and they come in fun colors – I did pick up a pretty purple rolling carry-on from TJ Maxx. It is perfect for all my shorter trips, plus it protects the ol’ back. Spasms and out of alignment be gone!


Another definitive plus (because it is always important to look on the bright side) I have a harder time getting it up into the luggage rack. Thankfully their was a very cute, very tall and strong  man sitting diagonally from me who was all to happy to help me lift it up.

Amtrak needs to expand from the writer’s business into the matchmaking business.

All in all I might be a tad sleep deprived from the weeks busy events, but that is what coffee is for. In fact Starbucks even gave me a new name today. Kat. Kind of has a nice ring to it. As long as I get my jolt of caffeine, they may call me whatever they want.

I am sitting here in the quiet car, getting some writing slash work done, enjoying the country side, and preparing for a long weekend, of Boston Harbor Islands, sea glass hunting, the ocean, a photo shoot and even a Freedom Trail Run. 


Let my wanderlusting begin!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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