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Bait Bags

Bait Bags

I have written about Bait Bags before, but after buying a new one a couple weeks ago, I knew I had to dedicate a post to it. Little did I know, that I would be winning a free one!


Happy birthday to me!

I am giddy with joy, because the only thing I have ever won was free books when I would review books for Harper Collins and Scholastic. In fact I even reviewed Hunger Games back in the day.

My journey to winning a Bait Bag actually started two weeks ago Thursday when I saw that Alaina Marie (designer of Bait Bags) was going to be at the Pottery Barn at the Maine Mall for a special event. Being the Bait Bag addict I am, I had to go, and was cursing the flying Gods that my flight was late. Alas I made it with twenty minutes to spare and picked up this gorgeous Carry-All Clutch that had my name on it since I saw she had made them in January.


My obsession with Bait Bags began a year ago, when my friend and fellow blogger Rhiannon  introduced me to this locally Maine Made company. Focusing, on clutches and wallets, it was the ideal bag for me since I rarely ever carry a purse, yet needed something to carry my debit, phone, and of course lip gloss when I am walking around the city and wasn’t hauling my whole apartment with me.

Bait Bags are made from the same durable material that lobsterman use, but Alaina makes them chic and stylish. Being a small company, I loved that they are locally made, with all the heart and personalization that bigger companies lack.


Not only can you choose from a wide variety of sizes, and colors, but you can also customize them, making them truly unique to you. What is more she ships anywhere in the US.

After she called to tell me my name had been picked (yay!) I went into her store and customized this gorgeous clutch. I am so excited it is now part of my Bait Bag collection and I can not wait to use it.


Bait Bags are a must that every fashionista has got to own, and no matter where you are, you can take a little piece of Maine with you!

You can order online  or visit her adorable shop that channels the Maine charm.

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