Beauty in the Breaking

Walking down the blocks in my Upper East side neighborhood, the sun kissing my face with its warm rays. People walking to work, running errands. They are living.

New Yorkers understand fear. We also have no problem looking it in the face and kicking it in the arse. We are resilient that way. So are Paris, and London and Spain and Ankora. Any place that has become the victim of terrorism. Now too Brussels.

The heartache and memories will always be there. Memorials will be erected. Security tightened. But Brussels will come back. Because the best revenge is living. It is the ultimate f*** you terrorists to drink your coffee, to travel to cities, to LIVE.

Fear is just an excuse. An excuse to NOT do something. An excuse to hate. Do NOT let fear control you.

When their is so much fear and hurt in the world, I was awed at the spring weather. Which was further enhanced by the pop up flower stands. The colors vibrant. The flowers beckoning. The voice telling me despite the ugliness, their is still so much beauty. Look for it. Search it out. Be love instead of hate.

What is something beautiful you saw today? How are you spreading the love?

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