Bikini Season

Summer is just around the corner (hopefully!) and you know what that means! Bikini season!

If you are like I am, you know that can be the kiss of death for any beach fun.

As a teenager who had skater thighs and an arse that has been around long before Beyonce made it bootylicious, I lived in shorts or dresses or cover ups. Anything to hide my thunder thighs. In a generation of thigh gaps, ab gaps, and  diet gaps, I was incredibly self conscious and insecure.

I had a love/hate relationship. I loved the beach, but as any woman knows and acts, I was comparing what I had plenty of, to those who were skinny minis with Giselle bundchen legs. Insecure about my body, I was, as Yoda would say.

Fast forward sixteen years later, Battles of bulimia and exercise, and my therapist on speed dial, this mermaid rocks a bikini, and is proud to do so.

All about self-love girlfriends. Because let’s face it while we are sitting judging ourselves comparing ourselves to others, those women are probably doing the same. We all want to be taller skinnier, curvier, shorter, essentially be whatever body type we aren’t.

When we get inside our head, it distracts us from all the fun that is outside.

I still have hang ups, but I try not to let it debilitate me.

In fact I just bought two swimsuits from Victoria Secret that I can mix and match into four!

They have a customization program that allows you to design your own bikini from a bunch of patterns, to many different tops and bottoms. I could have spent hours designing. Disclaimer: I probably did.

I decided to stick to solids. I chose white and navy two colors that compliment each other very well and are popular this season.

For the Navy, I chose the plunge halter. I actually own three of these tops (in an aqua, a light pink, and a polka dot) it is a favorite of mine and is so comfortable whether I am sunning myself, playing volleyball, or dancing in the waves.


For the white I deicded to be daring and also chose a halter, this one wrapped around the sides creating an edgy cut out look. And I have to say, I absolutely love it! It is a bit daring but the virginal white tones it down.


As for bottoms I could take them or leave them. I hate bottoms. They never fit. I feel like I need an extra extra large and even then I am showing way to much skin. But these navy briefs cover my Kim K booty so no matter how many squats or Warrior ones I do, they’ll stay on. Plus they have cute ruching that adds a fashionable touch.

I had also decided to be daring with the white briefs and had ordered ones that tie at the sides. From the picture, they looked to have decent coverage. Alas, when I got them, it was far to cheekier then I cared for….definitely no squats if I kept them. I returned them in the store. Victoria Secret has a great policy that no matter where you ordered it from, you can return it in store. It is so easy. Literally took me three minutes and most of if was waiting in line. I ended up ordering these beauties. Called the Knockout Bikini they also have ruching though are much more sporty then the others.


I am so excited I think I need to plan a a tropical vacation just so I can I can rock my new swimsuits. Do you have a favorite suit?

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