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Bloggers Weekend: Deuxième Partie


“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” ~ Thomas Aquinas

I am still smiling from this past weekend. It really was one for the books and made my heart so full of happiness, love, and friendship. Not only did I get to meet Sarah from lifewithlilred, but I also got to meet Jenny from Sitbackandjustlive. Words do not even BEGIN to explain how excited I was or all the feels I am STILL feeling days later.

A Little Context

For those who don’t follow Jenny, she lives in Boston with her boyfriend Andrew, who just so happens to originally hail from the good ole Granite State. The state I just so happen to also hail from. While he is from the Southern part and I basically grew up in Canada, (slight exaggeration, but for anyone who does NOT know NH, that is what they all assume) he and Jenny visit New Hampshire quite a bit. In fact they have even visited my hometown! And if that wasn’t enough, they also LOVE Portland, Maine, which happens to be the town I always fly into, and where I SHOULD be living.

Now if Six degrees of Kevin Bacon Blogging-verse was not enough, I go to Boston a fair amount thanks to my sister-in-law growing up there and it is only a three and half hour train ride from the Concrete Jungle. In fact many of the places Jenny has mentioned on her blog, I have been too. I have often wondered if we have ever been in the same place at the same time, whether it be in Boston or New Hampshire or maybe even Maine. It is a small world after all. (cue Disney)

New York

In other words, a meet up in person was long over due. It was practically life or death. (Yes, now I am being dramatic.) When Jenny told me she was coming to New York, not only did I send her a textbook long list of things she had to do, but a get together was a must! It was so over due I was thinking we would be grey and walking with walkers while grand-kids raised hell at Storyland.

The Moment

We had been texting all morning and when it was finally time, decided to meet in Central Park. (which is a bit big….and by a bit I mean a lot!) In a true comedic act, that even Hollywood could not have directed any better, we were pinning our location. Which moment of honest to goodness blonde moment, I didn’t know how to do, so I was just screenshotting Google. Thankfully Jenny showed me how too once we FINALLY met up.

It was one of these screen-shotted pics that we realized we had been walking past each other the whole time on parallel paths. I stayed put right by the Met looking for them and then, then I saw them….

I apologize after the fact to the tourists I startled by screaming when I saw Jenny. I swear not all New Yorkers are crazy…Just when we see our amazing blogging buddies!

We started running towards each other. It was another moment that should have been filmed. Words do not even begin to describe what a surreal but incredibly amazing moment it was.


Guys, she is as lovely in person, as she is on her blog. Seriously, all the X’s O’s abd sweet words, THAT is who she is. She is such a genuine, sweet, uplifting, authentic human. Just being around her put a huge smile on my face. Poor Andrew (yes dear readers I got to meet Andrew!) had to listen to our squealing, giggling, and talking none stop. He was such a great sport, and he even took our picture….Or a hundred. Have I mentioned how stinking cute he and Jenny are together? The couple goals ARE real!

We walked to the reservoir, which is a Central Park must, talking and taking some pictures. Time literally flew and all to soon we had to say good-bye so that  Jenny and Andrew could drive back to Beantown.

While it might have been a short visit, it was the highlight of my weekend and a longer trip / get together is a must! Jenny is a huge part of why I love, not just the blogging community, but the WordPress community especially. It isn’t just readers or posts. Actual friendships are cultivated and in many ways more genuine, because of the ability to express ourselves in a vulnerable way. I am so utterly grateful for each and every one of you who has graced my blog and the connections that have come from it. <3

What friendships have you made from blogging?

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