Blogging Friendships: Partie Trois

“Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Bloggers Unite

It has been a bloggers week! Last weekend I got to meet the fabulous Lifewithlilred’s Sarah and the amazing  Sitbackandjustlive’s Jenny and this past weekend I got to meet the incredible Dannii from A beautiful Thing.

Guys it was so spur of the moment, but so flipping amazing! There are not enough words to do Dannii justice on how sweet, funny, and epically charming she is!

To put it in perspective we closed the bar down!


We. Closed. The. Bar. Down!


The Meet-up

Dannii had mentioned she was going to be in New York this past week, so we began messaging back and forth planning a meet up. I have to say she is a woman after my own heart, because she and her partner have not wasted a single moment while here. They literally are taking this city by storm!

After a day spent in Lower Manhattan they were going to the Dead Rabbit and I gamely (pun or not to pun?) joined them for a drink. (or multiple)


The Dead Rabbit

The Dead Rabbit, is an Irish Pub that has won multiple times as World’s Best Bar. It is definitely an experience. It is a multi-level bar, with a more neighborly round the block feel, on the first floor, and a more old fashioned 1920’s vibe on the second, called the Parlor. They also have a third level for private parties.


We started in the Taproom but moved up to the Parlor, which was quieter but if anything much more interesting. The drinking menu for the Parlor actually follows the shenanigans of Dead Rabbit co-founder John Morrissey. It is set up in comic book form. With each page their is a different menu, and as you flip through they get more and more stronger.

The drinks were definitely interesting and very creative. Some of the ingredient combinations made me question how much THEY had consumed when creating these unusual cocktails, yet once I had a sip they actually were quite delicious despite being so unusual.


The Moment

Guys she is literally the sweetest person ever! They were standing outside the bar attempting to read the menu (it was ridiculously dark in the Taproom!) and as I was walking on saw them and literally squealed. Thankfully there was no one around to scare this time around.

After multiple hugs, huge smiles, and an introduction with her partner. Yes! I got to meet her partner! Who was so sweet and put up with our non-stop chatter, even taking multiple (or a hundred) pictures of us.



From the moment I met Dannii, we did not stop talking. She is so engaging and witty that we chatted and laughed for almost five hours! THAT is friendship blogger goals right there! One of my favorite moments was when we were discussing the differences between certain English and American words and how some are so innocuous here, but not over there and vice versa. Apparently pants is one of those words. Do NOT say that word! (or do and see what happens…kidding… kind of) We had some amazing laughs over that.

She also became a rock-star in my eyes when she mentioned wanting to go to New Hampshire for the foliage. Guys do you know how rare it is for someone to not only want to go to NH, but KNOW where it actually is? New Englanders do not count. My heart seriously melted and I hope she and her partner can get up there some day soon!


Did I mention she also takes the BEST selfies? I need selfie lessons something fierce!

The Perfect Evening 

It was such a perfect evening with the best company. Just being around Dannii put a huge smile on my face and days later, I am STILL smiling. She is such a genuine, fun, charming, authentic soul that she automatically puts you at ease just by being around her. It literally felt like we had known each other for years.

I mean we DID close the bar down after talking for five hours.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am so grateful for the blogging community, especially WordPress. It has not only given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people but also cultivate some amazing friendships, Dannii included. I am so thankful I got to meet her and hopefully I will get to see her soon! I am due for a trip across the Atlantic and we all NEED to do a Bloggers Conference for real! <3


Have you met other bloggers? Would you be game for a blogger’s conference? 


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10 thoughts on “Blogging Friendships: Partie Trois

  1. Oh girl!!! I love this so so much😊💕 The sweetest post ever! I am saving this😊 We had the best time, it was such a fun night and worth the hangover after!😂 It was so awesome to meet you finally and you are just as lovely, fun and sweet as I knew you would be💕💕 xx

  2. Yes! Yes! and more Yes! I love blogging friendships, they are some of the best around! I’m so glad you had such a good time meeting up with these lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing! xo

    1. They really are! I was talking to a non-blogging friend about it and I feel like one of the reasons these friendships are so meaningful, is because literally we feel more free to be vulnerable with our written words and with pen and paper (or computer and keyboard) as opposed to when we are face to face with someone. Thank you beauty! Next stop is a Southern meet-up! 🙂 <3

      1. You nailed it! It’s so much easier (at least for me) to be vulnerable with our thoughts and written words than it is face to face! And yaassssss for a Southern meetup!

        1. It is the same for me also. I articulate myself much better! It has to happen! I am actually going to Georgia in a couple weeks but am going to Augusta and Jekyll Island :/ <3

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