Blogmas: A Nautical Christmas 2021

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” ~ Edna Ferber

Blogmas 2021

Hello friends! The time has come! The season is upon us and I am one hundred and ten percent here for it! Being completely honest, I have been ready since before Hallmark began playing Christmas movies on October 21! I am here for the lights, the cheesy Christmas movies we all know the ending to, the festivities of parades and tree lightings, and of course who doesn’t love some Mariah and Celine to not only belt out too but dance to as well? 

It really is the most wonderful, magical, most joyful, time of the year and I am so excited to celebrate and embrace it! Especially since now it is socially acceptable…not that I let that keep me from channeling, nor dim in anyway my Christmas spirit. I respect the people who are the Scott Calvins pre roof incident, but I am Santa Clause POST roof incident. If ya know, ya know.

As much as I love all the cheese as its core it is the spirit of the season. It brings hope and joy, celebration and unity. Anything is possible this time of year and it is a spirit that if we hold it in our hearts, we will have it with us all year long. As the quote above said, Christmas truly is a feeling. One that more than ever we need, both individually and as a society. 

Because of that I am so excited to take part in Blogmas again where I share a post daily for 25 days, and do my own version, “A Nautical Christmas.” I will be sharing traditions, recipes, Nautical Christmas decor, fashion, more gift guides, and just all the holly jolly, I can!

I am also doing not one but TWO Advent Calendars and I am so excited to share them with you! One is a chocolate calendar, and the other is the Sephora Beauty Calendar, both filled with 25 days of goodness! I can not wait!

It truly ’tis the season friends and I hope it is incredibly magical, joyful, peaceful and filled with ALL the love! Happy Holidays friends!

Are you excited for the holidays? What is something you are looking forward to this season? 

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