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Bonjour Crepes and Wine: A European Experience


“And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss.” ~ J. K. Rowling

Food Scene

New York’s food scene is second to none. The endless smorgasbord of delights and delicacies with new places popping up weekly if not daily, fulfilling every craving you ever had in a span of a block or two. There are endless options and hidden gems to be found, taste pallets to quench, and addictions to be created. It IS a foodies’ empire.

On one such cold Winter’s day a new addiction was created or perhaps really just satisfied. Anyone who knows me or has read this blog knows about my very serious “I might need an intervention” crepe addiction. I had been to Bonjour Crepes and Wine on 82 and second several times. But as any New Yorker knows, especially when you have Seamless at your finer tips it always felt like a hike to go to for dinner forget going there to set up office.

I had no idea it was a mini chain until walking back to the subway, literally one, (ONE!) block from my apartment, I discovered they had opened a restaurant. I knew. KNEW I had to check it out and lord am I happy I did. Though the scale may not be so happy!

Set-up and Decor

This location is smaller then the other, and truly channels the European vibes that it emulates. Seating is small, fitting an estimated forty people with tables closely next to each other, in typical French fashion. It has a beautiful yet tiny bar you can sit, eat and sample their tasty wines at. With an open design, their is a counter where you not only place your order, but can watch them as they make the crepes as well as an assortment of there breakfast foods.

With darker wood paneling and furnishings, the walls are painted a bright red to add a touch of color. It also has cute sayings speckled on black chalkboard paint. Behind the bar are rows upon rows of wine bottles artfully displayed. The cafe has three televisions almost always turned to European football (soccer) another nod to its roots.

While it is counter order, they will serve you. It is generally fast paced, though you will find a handful of people like myself with laptops staking out a table for several hours filling up on delicious coffee and a crepe…or two.

The food

Oh the food… You honestly can not go wrong here. I have ordered almost everything and it is all so yummy. Served on huge fleur-de-lis and other Fench-esque designed plates (which one of these days I am going to “borrow” seriously WHERE did they get them?) you can eat the crepes like a cone or with a knife and fork (but really how fun is THAT?)

It is always a struggle as to whether I get a savory or sweet crepe. They are stuffed to the limit. I have to be wise with my choice, because I can usually only eat one.

Offering a gluten free buckwheat batter as well as a regular one, my favorite is the spicy shredded chicken with cream cheese and arugula. It is a party in the mouth!

You can make your own or order from the extensive menu, but be warned you will want one of everything!

They also offer a multi course dinner, paired with different wines on Thursdays, serving not just crepes but also other smaller dishes.


Seriously Bonjour Crepe and Wine’s coffee deserves a post all on its own. Not only is it delicious, but the way it is served brings me back to my days in France filling me with nostalgia with every sip.

While usually I am an espresso with my latte kind of girl, their chai is some of the best….If not THE best…I have ever tasted. Creamy without tasting like I just drank a cup of hot milk, or poured a container of cinnamon down my throat. It is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. With as i said earlier with a nod to its European roots, it is served in glasses filled right to the top with a delicious layer of foam to hit the spot.

While I love their crepes, their coffee is definitely where it is at!

A Slight Addiction 

With casual ambience and a European Flare, great food and amazing coffee, Bonjour Crepes and Wine is a must go to in New York. With several locations scattered across the city, the Upper East Side Location has become one of my favorite restaurants, if not a slight addiction. It is the perfect place to not only get a taste of Europe, or satisfy your taste buds. It is the perfect place to sip coffee and channel my inner Hemingway.

Do you like crepes? Do you have a favorite restaurant? As always I love hearing from you lovely readers! 

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