Boston Charm

It was a 24 hours of speed in Boston. We came. We saw. We conquered. And it was so worth it. I got in around eleven, yesterday morning (up since four so thank God Bostonians are smart and drink Starbucks besides Dunkins) We were able to check in early at the Hilton by Faneuil Hall.

Then we conquered. We walked along the waterfront for a little while, seeing the aquarium and now defunct outdoor ice rink. Which makes me sad, but also excited because warmer weather is just around the corner. Yay! After walking for a while working up an appetite, we went and grabbed lunch at Mooo.


It was soooo yummy. I knew of Quincy Market, had even eaten there. But until this trip, never realized what a great place Boston is for a foodie like myself. As a former chef, I appreciate great food. I don’t even mind paying more for a delectable experience. As John Walter said, “Too many people just eat to consume calories. Try dining for a change.” It is very true. If I want to rush I would have stayed home and made myself a salad.

Mooo lived up to the expectation. Plus the management was extremely attentive and helpful, they even took us to Newbury Street afterwards in a town car. You can not beat that service.

Something else I noticed about Boston eateries is the ambience. It is old meets new, in a beautiful and eclectically historical way. Mooo had high back upholstered chairs, that you felt like you were sinking into. comfort and elegance. And while the lightening fixtures were something you would find in Buckingham Palace, they had a combination of New England and modern. Over all it was a place, I could stay there for hours.


This mornings restaurant was no different. We ate at a place called Stephanie’s on Newbury Street. Just as delicious, and the decor was just as much of a blend of old and new much like Mooos. The cool thing I have always loved about city Restaurants, especially in New York, is how they use the space. many times they have multiple floors. And while sometimes it can be sketchy, or it seems like restaurants just cram tables chairs, stairs and restrooms, for max capacity. Mooo and Stephanies had a spacious and unique layout. if I hadn’t a train to catch I would have stayed for hours!

Of course in between being a foodie and a concert goer, I wouldn’t be a fashionista if I didn’t fit in some shopping. And what better place then the famed Newbury Street. Much like New York’s Fifth and Madison Avenues, Newbury Street was a shopaholics dream. Chanel, Louis, Anthro, Lulu. Expensive, chic, trendy, thrifty. I was in heaven!

Alas I restrained myself. (it was hard.) While I drooled over clothes, it was fun to walk down the cobbled streets, and admire all the old buildings that these shops were in. Again it was that Boston charm of old and new and I loved it.

While New York and Paris have my heart, I can’t deny that Boston is wiggling its way in.


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