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“Here’s what I see all across this great city – people working together to make Boston a better place to live and to raise children, to grow and pursue dreams.” ~ Thomas Menino

Growing up, living only three hours (give or take traffic) from, you would think I would be well acquainted with the city that birthed the American Revolution. Unfortunately, until recently, I wasn’t Boston’s biggest fan.


Sure it had lots of History that I loved. But as a kid, been there done that and I did NOT want to do touristy things or be in enemy territory. As a New York fan, Boston was the enemy. There is a reason as soon as I could, I booked it to Manhattan. I could cheer for my teams without worrying about getting into a fight with a rabid red hosiery fan!

The oldness mixed in with the newness blended to much into the New England charm, I really did not care for as a teenager.


Thank god all these years later I have finally found reason. While I will never EVER be a New England fan, if we can perhaps plead the fifth on sports, I think a marriage with Boston would be one made in heaven!

While Boston decided it would be fun to mess with the mind and make navigating a brain teaser, my third visit in six months proved I was either blessed by Hermes with direction, or Boston and I were becoming bosom buddies, especially around Boston’s Water-front and Financial districts.


Yesterday, we decided to go into the city and soak it up in a combination of native and tourist, hanging out in the grassy parks, working on our tans, and striding down Faneuil Hall which was an answer to our bellies.

The one thing I absolutely adore about the city, is the merging of old and new. The combination of modern and historical architecture creates a unique setting similar to that of an old European city. Until this visit I hadn’t truly noticed the similarities between Paris and Boston. It endeared me even more.


While New York has lots of history, everything about It is big and bigger. Boston is quaint with sky scrapers just barely dotting the skyline.

It is a place I never thought I would be itching to explore more of, but I am.


Until next time Boston

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