Boxing Day

“As for me, I like to take my Christmas a little at a time, all through the year.” ~ David Grayson

Boxing Day

I really feel like the US needs to adopt Boxing Day, if for nothing else you get the day off. Luckily the day after Christmas falls on a Saturday this year, so we can all recover from our gift giving and opening, cookie eating, and just general Christmas euphoria.

Being one hundred percent truthful, I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone! I feel like it was just November and I was just getting ready for the festivities (and people were telling me to calm down, and celebrate Thanksgiving, I totally listened to that) and now it was here and it is gone! Until next November! FYI THIS is why I start early, because it really goes by to darn fast. Especially once Thanksgiving passes. It makes me sad, but also happy because now I can start focusing on Summer content again…kidding…kinda. But for real….Kinda not.

Advent Calendar

If you saw my Instagram you know I mentioned my last gift which was a lip stain From Sephora in one of my favorite shades, RED! I actually wear that lip quite a bit so was super psyched to not have to stock up for a little while. It was definitely the best way to end the calendar!

The last days of the Advent calendar saw me receiving two hair ties, which was the only bummer. I could have done with one, but two in the same color was a bit of a miss. But ya know what I can’t really complain as I also got, cleansing water, another bath fizz, a lip mask, a nose mask, lip balm, two shower gels, and a nail file, which is another calendar staple. I was super impressed with this Advent calendar and Sephora definitely out did themselves from last year! I can’t wait to see what they do next year!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a monsoon! No joke! It went from being a white Christmas to a muddy one. I woke up early as the kiddos were coming in the morning which I was super excited about. They opened their presents first, and my niece was ecstatic about the humongous dollhouse she received, which was also taller then she is and just a half foot shorter then I am. (no joke)  The boys got hover boards and the rest was history! That is understandably all they wanted to play with!

We had our Slovak breakfast which we have every year, and then the adults got to open presents while the kiddos played with their new toys. Santa was very good to me, and brought me an Away suitcase that I had been asking for. It also makes me sad because NOW I want to go travel, but at least when the world opens up and I am able to move, I will be doing it in style! I also got a new bag from Sewcialite, as well as a pair of her Knotty Bow earrings and I am obsessed! I also got a Dudley (which is still shipping), another Pink Lily blanket because I am obsessed, and a bunch of Melsy’s prints, as well as her Rockefeller ornament! Santa and my family did not forget my coffee addiction and I got lots of gift cards! I also got a piece for my village which just might have been my favorite!

My sweet nephew who is a Pat’s fan also got me a Giant beanie. I may or may not have thanked him for the Patriots hat and had him going that his Mom, my sister, had sent the wrong present. Hey, that is what aunties are for, and he did find it funny. My niece got me some AMAZING hair bows, which I just might have to let her borrow them. She was so proud of herself and even helped me unwrap the present!

We had dinner and by five o’clock the day had winded down. It honestly felt like ten o’clock. We sat and faceted family and watched Elf. Right before bed in what I am considering a Christmas tradition, I decided to rearrange my WHOLE village so I could put my new building up. It was definitely a feat as I may or may not be running out of plugs and space, but I made it work and I am obsessed with the way it looks now!


Today has been spent on the couch, sitting by the Christmas tree wrapped under my new blanket and catching up on Hallmark Christmas movies, e-mails and compiling/shopping all the Boxing Day sales, on Liketonowit. SO it isn’t ALL relaxation. But it mostly is!  I also may or may not be bitter that the music has ended. It needs to last at least until New Years!

Despite everything, the last few days have been so much fun and I am definitely missing all the fa-la-la, especially all the Blogmas posts! I actually have some ideas for next year! I am not sure if I will be ambitious enough to do ALL the days because how knows where life will be in a year, but I definitely will have all the Christmasy vibes going again! I am so grateful for everyone who made this Christmas special and for everyone who spoiled me. This may not have been a “normal” Christmas, but it definitely was so incredibly special and made me grateful for everyone and everything. I hope you all had an amazing holiday. if you want to catch up on my Bogmas posts check them out here! Perhaps they can tide you over until next year! 

How was your Christmas? How did you spend it? How are you spending Boxing Day?

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6 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. Omg I love this so much hun! Sounds dreamy 😍 I checked out Melsy’s Etsy page and it’s so cute omg!! The perfect gifts too 😍😍😍 love thanks for sharing!!

  2. And I adore your Christmas village and the tradition / rearranging it etc seriously how cute!?!?!?!? I’m in love! It sounds SO BLISSFUL! And looks amazing! I just love this so much! So pleased you enjoyed your Christmas love and congrats on all your hard work with blogmas, you’ve done yourself very proud xxx

  3. Sounds like such a good Christmas! I’m obsessed with your suitcase the color is too cute!! I’m hoping you’ll be back to pack it up soon and take it somewhere special 🙂 Merry Christmas <3 <3

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