Brooklyn Botanic Gardens: Summer Time

“The most lasting and pure gladness comes to me from my gardens.” ~ Lillie Langtry


Wandering into Brooklyn 

One of my favorite places, isn’t actually in Manhattan (shocking I know!) but in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (BBG) are 52 acres of  bloomin’ green goodness. An oasis filled with all different types of flowers, themed gardens, and even an orchard. It is a place where when city life gets insane you can escape to a piece of nature that was built right in the heart of all the bustle.


Last week, not only did I have a friend visit, but BBG’s roses were on full display. It was the perfect time to smell the roses, and show my friend a different side of the city, something other then Manhattan.

It might seem hard to believe, especially since the last time I wrote about the Botanic Gardens, but Brooklyn is FINALLY growing on me. It only took five years.


The train ride seemed far shorter then usual, perhaps because we had come from Rock Center, but forty-five minutes flew by.

Lady Luck was on our side, unbeknownst to us, Tuesdays are free admission. As we went up to the window the guard shook his head and ushered us in free of charge! Score!


The gardens

Thus began our journey through the various gardens along perfectly landscaped pathways. The Botanic Garden isn’t just stepping into a horticultural world, but feels like a new planet with a variety of ever changing gardens to explore.


With over a dozen different gardens there is something for everyone in every season.

I have visited in the Fall, Summer, and Spring (While it is open in the Winter, I will happily take a snow check on that one!) with each season showcasing a colorful array of flowers and plants.


My favorite garden by far is the Japanese Gardens. Complete with a pond and pagoda you truly feel like you have travelled to Japan. The hilly pathways are lined with bamboo Japanese lanterns and even has a Shinto shrine.


It is the perfect place to have a photo shoot.

SO of course we did because you can not NOT help but take a thousand pictures in this green oasis.


Cranford Rose Garden

I am about to sound sacrilegious, but I am NOT a fan of roses.



Yes sorry to break your hearts readers, but no I am not.


It is the biggest relationship cliche, and I am lucky that my man knows it too.


Yes there is a but.


I can not deny that these gardens are frickin ah-may-zing. Even the most stone cold rose cynic (which I might fall into) will fall in love with these gardens.


The design of this garden is very whimsical, with white trellises scattered throughout, nymph like statues, and trees that are just as eye catching as the 1,400 (yes you read that right) variety of roses. There is literally a rose for everyone! Shakespeare would be proud!


A bloomin’ paradise

I have been guilty as charged of coming here and just laying out in the orchard, reading a book, or getting work done.


A lot of people go to Central Park, and Central Park does have its own beauty when it isn’t over-crowded. Plus it is close to my apartment.


But the Botanic Gardens is that hidden paradise you are always searching for, but can never find in a city of millions. When you truly want to escape the hot, and let’s be honest, UGLY concrete, and find some solace amongst the trees THIS is the place to go.


Have you been to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens? What is your favorite gardens to visit? 



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12 thoughts on “Brooklyn Botanic Gardens: Summer Time

  1. Aaw this is gorgeous. Love all your poses😙 The shot of the roses that almost look like a bunch is lovely. I like roses but I know what you mean. It can be a bit cliche xx

    1. Awe thank you sweets! Haha I am glad you liked them! I do not know how models do it ;p That was one of my favorite shots! So pretty! Right? I will say I never realized their were so many different rose types, which makes me like them just a bit more 😉 BUT there are so many other flowers to that need some love! lol. I hope you have a fabulous weekend beauty! <3

  2. oh my lanta, I am so certain that I would love this place. SCORE on getting in for free, that’s always a win or as I like to say *meant to be*! I’m not much of a rose fan myself but I definitely can appreciate fully blossomed ones like those! They’re so lush and beautiful. I’d be tempted to take one and put it in my hair lol I don’t think I’ve been to a garden as flourished as that one but I did go to the Ringling Brothers rose garden in FL, although it was certainly not as gorgeous as this one in Brooklyn! A perfect little day trip adventure!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. You totally would! You have to come visit! It totally was! My friend and I were like WHAT is happening? Lol. Gurrrlll I knew there was a reason we were friends lol! As far as roses go these definitely won me over. Yes it was! I love the Gardens. My happy place amongst all the concrete! ;p <3

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