Oasis In The Concrete Jungle

I had a friend who visited not to long ago and she asked what my favorite part of the city is. The first thing that came to mind was Bryant Park


It is one of those hidden treasures that if you know where to seek, ye shall find. And if you don’t, but happen upon, it is magical.


Nestled uponst skyscrapers aptly located blocks from Grand Central and close to Time Square it serves as a link between the East and the West of Manhattan. It is attached to the New York Public Library which serves not just the studious bookworms, but also such events as Fashion Week, and the Young Adult Book festival.


During the summer the Great Lawn is filled with events such as yoga, movies, ping pong tables and other summertime fun. During the winter, an outdoor ice rink is nestled between christmas shops and eateries making you feel like you have stepped into the North Pole. It even has a carousel, for little kids and those who are kids at heart.


It is a haven amongst the busy Midtown life, this gem of greenery and people watching. Whether it is to soak up some rays, or to play a few minutes of hookey from work, stopping at any one of the bakeries located along the perimeter. Two favorites are Le Pain Quotidian and Maison Kayser. Both have take out counters to take your coffee and pastries to the park as well as seating to hide from the elements. And of course there is a Starbucks on the opposite side for the commercial junkie.


Bryant Park is that veiled gem, that you have heard of, but aren’t sure if you have truly been. If you haven’t. Go! Enjoy. Take in the scenery, recharge, and appreciate the richness, the Concrete Jungle has to over.


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