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Just Smile

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. ~ Denis Waitley In todays selfie age, you would think pictures would be filled with smiles. Instead it is sultry seductions and duck faces, which let us be honest, are more sexy in our heads then in real life. I am ….

A Shoe Affair

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. ~ Marilyn Monroe I havs this little substance abuse problem…It is called expensive footwear ~ Carrie Bradshaw This beautiful weather has got me all kinds of excited. My feet are very happy feet. I can throw those boots away and let my feet breathe and my toes do ….

Oh Shucks, I am Blushing Pink

The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail. ~ Christian Dior One of the “It” colors for spring and summer – and in my humble opinion the only color-  is the ultra chic blush pink. It is known by a variety of names: ballet pink, baby pink, light pink, and rose pink. The last is fitting since in flower ….

Getting Your Drink On

Doctors,  homeopaths, celebrities, probably the person you walked past on the street preach about water. Get your H20s people. While I agree as a yoga instructor and most certianly as a mermaid about getting my drink on. It can be hard to drink all that water. According to the National Library of Medicine people should be drinking between 91 to 125 FL ….

My Lips, My Lovely Lady Lips

I get compliments all the time about my lips. It is a feat unto itself because for years I have dreamed about having the Angelina Pout. Those thick sultry lips, that with one look make men and women alike die. Alas I am stuck with my pencil thin lips, that make you have to squint really hard or you will ….

Bikini Season

Summer is just around the corner (hopefully!) and you know what that means! Bikini season! If you are like I am, you know that can be the kiss of death for any beach fun. As a teenager who had skater thighs and an arse that has been around long before Beyonce made it bootylicious, I lived in shorts or dresses ….

Skating’s Heart of Gold

This  week skaters are taking the stage at TD Garden in Boston. Before the competition even started their was drama and shake ups with injuries, doping allegations, and withdrawals. One such withdrawal led to Mirai Nagasu stepping up to the plate for Team USA. Thursday night she delivered. Maybe not in standings, she showed the world and her own federation ….

The Scent of a Woman

A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ~ Christian Dior In true Gemini form I have many personalities, calm, crazy, bookish, sensual, nun-like, adventurous. I am a walking book of dualities. While fashion can emulate that, from yoga chic to old Hollywood glamour, it is my perfume that resonates the true depths of my emotion. From fruity ….

Fancy Fridays

I once had someone tell me you couldn’t get dressed up “around here.” By here being in New Hampshire and Maine. It was a tad insulting, as she stared at my Tory Burch shoes, White House Black Market jeans, and coordinated shirt jacket and scarf, all from Anthro. She left off the fact I didn’t belong in my hometown, but ….

Ancedotes in my Old Age

You might think that love will conquer all, but it doesn’t. Hard work does. Kim K and Beyonce did not make the derriere cool, we can thank Da Vinci and Michangelo for that. Acquaintances are fleeting, friendship leaves a lasting imprint on your heart. So does love, whether good, or really really shitty. Siblings are the first friends you will ever ….

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