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Make a Haven not a Hoarder

When I first moved to the city, I worked as a dog walker. Trust me whatever you are imagining right now, multiply it by ten and it was that outrageous! One of the clients lived in the famed Dakota building (if you haven’t heard of it, John Lennon use to live there, and his wife still does.) million dollars, many ….

Oscar Nominations in Fashion

Awards season has culminated tonight at the Oscars. Every road has led to this. And no, I am not talking about the blood sweat of the nominations, but the clawing of nails to get the best dressed of the red carpet. All season their have been risk takers. Then their were those who bore use to sleep. Creative masterpieces and the ….

Yoga for a Cause

This afternoon I had the great privilege of moving and grooving on my mat for an hour for a great cause: The American Heart Association. It was taught by the amazing Tanya Bolton of Tanya-B fame. If you haven’t yet checked out her clothes they are amazing! She and her partner Anna Chung do amazing work bot just designing clothes, ….

Human Connections, not objects

Nothing beats seeing a live event. Whether it is a concert, play, or a Broadway show. The energy and the excitement of the crowd can only be felt by being there. The interaction between the performers and the audience. The human connections. This past week I have been blessed to attend two such shows. Two days ago I saw Carrie ….

It isn’t Sadistical it is Passion

As an active toddler who wanted to keep up with her siblings, a competitive figure skater, runner, all around athlete and yogi, physical pain I am use to. Let’s face it in some ways athletes – regardless of where you are on the demanding spectrum dancer to football player- are sadistical. We train hard, getting up at ridiculous hours, going ….

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