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The Elocutions, ponderings, caffeinated addictions, of my mind. In other words, all things writing, coffee, thoughts and opinions.

Mermaid Tears

I was helping a friend create a blog the other day and we were going through names. Well as a writer I know Google is my best friend for finding names. As a fellow seaglass huntress I thought it would be cool for her to incorporate the name into her blog. She ended up settling on a different name (but ….

Ankhors Away

I love the ocean. I know redundant statement, but it is true. The smell, the waves, even the gritty parts people abhor like the sand getting everywhere, and the salt water. I love it all. It is my happy place. It is my peace. If we could choose heaven, mine would be the ocean. Through out my life, the beach ….

THE Idea

A question asked by many. What is your process? Writing process that is. Many times I have no idea how to answer this question. You would think as a type A personality (most of the time) I would be organized in my writing, starting with outlines, notes, washboards, etc. This makes me laugh. Because it couldn’t be farther from the ….

The Pull of the Water Draws Me Home

I came to love mermaids quite accidentally. The Little mermaid wasn’t even my favorite Disney movie, or finding Nemo or any mystical mermaid movie, though I do have to say I did like the thirteenth year (If you are a nineties kid, you know what movie I am talking about). I did and do love the ocean. As a kid ….

Lessons in a Piece of Glass

I am probably certifiably crazy, but while the majority of people decided to inebriate on spirits, I chose to spend my New Years at the ocean. I know the ocean in December!? Commit this girl! Alas this is the same girl who went into the ocean in March. While I hate the cold, I will suck it up if it ….

I see Nothing

Writing has always been my real therapy. (my apologies to my therapist…if it is any consolation you are on speed dial) Even when I knew my actions were dangerous, that I was hurting myself, I still had no control. Because it was the only thing keeping me sane. It was a glass of wine and Xanax combined keeping me calm ….

Sorry Not Sorry

Why as women do we constantly feel the need to apologize? It is something I have thought long and hard about. Especially with amazing women like Jennifer Pastiloff have begun a dialogue about it. In fact, Pantene has just released a new commercial about women over apologizing. I admit, I am well known for over apologizing. At least, I used ….