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Yoga Even when you are Dying I mean Sick

It amazes me how when you feel like garbage, yoga can and will invigorate you. I have had a bad case of the sniffles the last two days, and to drag my body out of my studio has been pretty darn tough to say the least. SO when my alarm clock rang this morning I shut it off, three times ….


A Body of Beauty

Waking up this morning I was a little perturbed at the weatherman, after the gorgeous days of sun and 50 and 60-degree weather they had the audacity to say that it was going to rain and be cloudy! (The only consolation was that the temps were going to 70!) Now maybe I have been spoiled, after all the White Mountains ….

Perfection in The Eyes of Ourselves

Two blogs in one day! It must have really been an exciting day! Or maybe just emotional and enlightening. This afternoon as my allergies were flaring up, I was debating whether or not I wanted to go to the yoga class. It meant signing up. Which for everyone’s record I hate paperwork, I hate signing up and filling forms out, ….

Residence Heals Tears

Not to long ago, I had a talk with a friend about being the youngest. As the youngest daughters, we feel an inexplicable need to take care of our parents. Maybe it is because as the last chicks, we have seen our parents grow old and gray.  We have seen them struggle more with life’s quirks and hinderances then our other ….

Welcome to the Upper East Side

Made it to the city? Check! Moved in? Check! Getting acquainted with the East side? Check! Seen Pure East? Check! Picked up a guys number? Check! Reunited with Morganza? Check! In love with NYC? Check! Check! Check! I am here! Finally! It has been a long time coming, but my Concrete Jungle journey has finally begun. My oldest sister and ….

Time Flies When You are Moving

It amazes me how quickly events can come. How quickly that conscious waiting period, those moments where you are so incredibly stressed and so incredibly impatient melt away to “It’s here, It’s here!” When I was a child during Christmas time, I would always tell my mom that, “It’s here mom, it’s here!” Regardless of whether it truly was or ….

Never Truly Say Good-Bye

Saying good-bye is never easy. In fact it friggin sucks. I have so many amazing friends. And so many of them have been unbelievably amazing and supportive to me. To leave them is hard, but I also know that if I didn’t do this, it wouldn’t be fair to them or to myself. Life is to short and to not ….

Life Changes What are Yours?

Every adventure has that one defining moment. Where you pause and take it all in, do you really want to do this? Is this what I am meant to do? You could call it an epiphany of sorts. That one life-changing event that changes the whole course and sets you on a path you ever thought you would be on. ….