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Life is to short to stay in a bubble. Travel. Explore. Experience. And if not you can always read about it here.

I was Wanderlusting In……

Vermont! Being the utter tease I am, I can finally tell you where I went this weekend. After an eight hour train ride from Penn to Essex Junction I arrived in Vermont for my friends surprise baby shower. And was she surprised! I stayed at my partner in crime otherwise known as Krystal’s, apartment Burlington where I was reunited with ….

Wanderlusting in an undisclosed location.

It was another crazy, but equally fabulous week. I arrived back from Boston refreshed and on the cusp of freedom. I just had to get through those pesky tests known as finals. Which thankfully I did, without breaking into to much of a sweat. Though I did have to contend with a runny noise and sneezing thanks to pesky allergies. ….

Spectacle Island

I awakened to another dark and dreary day. As far as weather, Mother Nature was not being accommodating. It might have been drizzling, but she was not going to ruin our Ferry riding parade. We got up at the crack of dawn, so we could drive to Boston to catch the first ferry of the season to Spectacle Island. As ….

Sometimes You Just Have to Take a Taxi.

Every New Yorker knows most of our paycheck goes to rent. And if you choose to live in Manhattan, probably all of it does. It is a fact of city living. I am not complaining, I love it. I love my neighborhood and am happy to call myself an Upper East Sider The fact that I am between two major ….

At World’s End

The day began damp and cloudy. At five-thirty the sky was grey as the sun tried to peek through the clouds. I donned my Lulu Lemon and my Asics and was ready to go on what my nephew called an Adventure Run. In my opinion it was more of a battle, then an adventure. I was sleep deprived after traveling, but vacation or not, ….

Back to Bean-Town I Go

I admit this week I was off my game. With Mother Nature deciding to go into a manic depressive state, her mood rubbed off on me. I am a sun girl, and as such, when it goes all Noah’s Ark, my happy bubble deflates. This was not the week for my bubble to et go of some of its’ air, or ….

Grateful for Life’s Blessings and Opportunities

Taking a break from fashion, ponderings, sports, and whatever else my crazy mind comes up with to write about, I wanted to to reflect, be thankful, and update you all on a few of my antics. The last week of April finished like an Olympic champ which is fitting since we are now less then a hundred days from Rio. I ….

Mordance Season IV: A Review

When your cousin is a ballet dancer, you go to a lot of ballet. And when your cousin starts her own ballet company, you go and support, even if you would rather stay home on a Thursday night, watch trashy Lifetime movies and paint nails. Family first is and always has been my motto. Thankfully going to a Mordance show, ….

Art Amusement

I am not a fan of snapchat. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, it is hard to stay avant garde with all the social media and communication sites. I already fail miserably at responding to people’s messages on Facebook (and now Instagram has a message system too, how do we keep up?) What is wrong with an old fashioned phone call, or ….

Gilt Travel

On rainy days like today I dream of far away places, tropical and historical. Settings that transport you away for a little R and R. Scratching that travel itch and replenishing the mind and spirit. We all know about airline discount sites, such as Travelocity and Expedia. But there are also websites for discounted hotel stays in luxurious suites and ….