Celebrating Thirty-Two in Style

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

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Birthday Gratitude

Friends, I truly feel so blessed and am so grateful for all the birthday love I received the last few weeks. I feel not only so spoiled, but so loved! While thirty-two is one of those inane numbers, after the last couple years being holed up and/or with pandemic protocols in place I decided that thirty-two was the perfect birthday to celebrate in epic fashion! And I think many of you agreed with me!

Pre-Birthday Getaway 

As in years passed, I actually started my birthday celebrations early. My amazing Gemini Twin Bestie always sends me presents at the end of May and this year was no different! I also usually celebrate my birthday with my other best friend and mer-twin, but since she just had the sweetest baby on the planet, understandably we postponed until July (though I did get to see her and snuggle with her sweet little nugget!) when she is fully recovered. With all of that and having actually been there not even three weeks prior for work, I headed back to my happy place to stay at one of the swankiest and bougiest places I have stayed at ever, The Harborside Hotel and Marina.

It was literally the perfect place to stay at for a pre-birthday get away and while the weather wasn’t the greatest, the hotel amenities and service more then made up for it, with birthday wine, pool side views, and delicious food. I even did some exploring to places I had never been too. I could not have asked for a better pre-birthday trip!


If I am home for my birthday it has become tradition to eat at Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro. It is one of my favorite restaurants in my hometown, if to my favorite. The food is authentic and delicious and the martinis are out of this world! Since my birthday fell on a Monday and that is the day they are closed, we celebrated on Sunday as a family. I even got to open birthday presents early and was absolutely spoiled! It doesn’t matter how old you are, opening presents still makes me so giddy.

It was ALSO Tony Sunday, and while part of me wished I was in New York for them it was fun to watch the performances and cheer on my friends. (who won!) I know I have said it before, but Broadway is back baby! On another note, the Rangers lost which was a bummer, but also I kinda feel like my birthday is cursed because that is what happened several years ago. Oh well.

Birthday Day

On my actual birthday, I took time off and headed to the beach, which was extremely peaceful as it was foggy, but oddly warm. I literally felt like the only one there. I LOVE beach days like this and I absolutely savored it. I was especially excited because I also got to put my new beach chair to use, which had been a birthday present to myself. And friends it was EVERYTHING! If you spend any amount of time at the beach you need this!

My nephew had a baseball game so I met my brother and his girlfriend there, and cheered him on. Unlike the Rangers, ahem, he did win that game and went on to the championship. Yay! Afterwards, we went out for Mexican which was so flipping goof. I really don’t think there is any better food. And if it is all I had to eat for the rest of my life, I think I would be okay with that. It was an incredible day complete with FaceTiming my cousin and goddaughter who is the cutest!

Birthday Week

The birthday week continued when I got to FaceTime my best friend the next day. We literally have FaceTime dates for HOURS. It is the best and I am so grateful for her. Later in the week, I had a lunch date with a dear friend at another favorite restaurant in Maine called the Dockside Grill which has the best fish tacos. And you can’t beat the views either!

And to cap the week off, I met another friend for more Mexican Food, (told you it was the best!) and some beach time. It has been an incredible few weeks. My heart is incredibly full and I am so excited to see what this year brings! (So far it has been an adventure already!) Thank you so much for all the birthday love friends. I will be sharing my birthday get-away more in depth at some point! And I know it isn’t Friday Favorites, Yet, but June really has been spectacular! Sending you all so much love! <3

How have you all been? How has June treated you so far? 

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