Celebrating Valentine’s Day: Ways to make it festive this year

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

Celebrating Valentine’s Day 

Happy February First friends! HOW are we into February already? I don’t know if January was the longest or shorter month, the verdict is out, but we survived the first month of 2021 and NOW it is the month of LOVE. Truthfully I am not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In my opinion love is something that should be celebrated every single day. Whether it is remembering to love yourself and giving yourself some TLC. Or finding ways to tell those you care about how much they mean to you and how much you love them. In this day and age, we need to spread ALL the love.

That being said, I must have gotten hit by Cupid’s arrow, or something, because I have been feeling ALL of the V-Day spirit, and I am kind of here for it. With the exception of Christmas and Easter, I haven’t been one for decor. But going on a year, (A year!) now of quarantining, and having had to get cozy with my living quarters, home design has a LOT more appeal to me, as does celebrating even the smallest of holidays, many of which have had to be celebrated at home.

Valentines Day Decor

You can shop everything in this collage here. Links are affiliated at no extra cost, but I get one towards my faux flower habit. 

Switching out holiday decor is a quick, easy, and fairly cheap way of sprucing up your living space and constantly keeping it fresh, especially when you have to stare at the same cream colored walls the last 365 days or so. Stores like Home Goods, Amazon, Kohls, and Christmas Tree shop are great places to buy home decor without breaking the bank. Items like pillows, mugs, and a cute sign or holiday wreathe are perfect ways to add some change, without doing a whole home renovation. When you switch your holiday decor out you never get bored and it adds some cheer which we could ALL use.

I have always been a huge fan of door decor, even when I lived in New York I always had a wreathe or an anchor hanging on my door, much to my neighbors chagrin. It is an easy way to be festive and put a smile on your face. I also love cozy pillows and blankets to add some pizazz to a couch or even a bed. While I try to be selective with my knick knacks, a cute candle, little figurine houses you could use as bookends or this retro Valentine’s Day Car are cute ways to fill empty space and get into the holiday decorative spirit.

You can also channel your inner Joanna Gaines and do a DIY like I just did with this Pinterest worthy floral tree! It keeps some of that warm light from the Christmas tree going, while updating it to the current holidays. It is so easy to do and not gonna lie, I am kinda obsessed with this one!

Valentine’s Day Mugs

Y’all know I am not only obsessed with coffee, but the obsession with mugs is real! I feel like I switch my mugs out more then I do my OOTD’s these days. I swear coffee just TASTES better when drinking it from a cute, festive mug. And while I am not always cupids biggest fan, I do love a good V-Day much. I shared some of my favs here.

Valentine’s Day Fashion











Lastly, I really DO NOT need a reason to rock pink or even red for that matter. BUT if you ever wanted to rock it (aside from Christmas) now is the month, especially because it isn’t just Valentine’s Day, but also National Heart Awareness Month and the National Heart association urges everyone to wear red. 

Again not that I need a reason. Red is such a fun bold color and I always feel fierce when I rock it. I also love a good graphic tee, even though he isn’t my man, I will give cupid some love. I have rounded up some of my favorite Valentine’s Day looks here and here and I will be sharing a few in the next few days. I hope your February is off to a great start, and you all are feeling the love today and every day! So much love to you all! <3 

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is some of your favorite V-Day Decor? 

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Valentine’s Day: Ways to make it festive this year

  1. You look gorgeous! I am in love with that floral tree it’s so pretty wow 😍😍 and that pink dress in the lookbook (the blonde model) is so pretty! 😍😍😍 loveee!! I have an interesting take on Valentine’s Day which I learnt about through Aaron Doughty and Leeor Alexandra – it’s an amazing day / time to really manifest more love as we as a collective have given so much meaning to this day – the day of love, we can really amplify that energy on this day / this month by celebrating love even more and manifesting even more love – because there’s so much love energy surrounding this day! Super interesting xxx thanks for sharing beauty xx

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