Chic Bangs – Chic Bangs.

“I like my hair long, and I love my bangs. I love them because I can pin them back or keep the fringe with attitude.” ~ Cassie Steele

Nothing like freshly dyed hair AND a new hair style!

I feel like a brand new woman because I am!


My hair stylist Andrea, has been doing my hair for close to twenty years (not to date either of us) and knows all about my hair ADD and dealt with it like the hair styling champ she is.

It most be my old age, because I have mellowed out quite a bit with my hair ADD. I use to process and cut my hair so much that I rivaled the likes of Rhianna and Christina. Every few months, I would do something different like clockwork. Hair is the one thing you can change easily on your body. So why not go for it?

Last year I had decided to go darker and chop my hair off.

Never again!

It wasn’t that it looked bad, (Andrea can do no wrong) but now that I am older, I am definitely wiser. It has taken me twenty-six years to realize that I need to be blonde and long. It is who I am, and my hair needs to fit my personality.

As much as I love the Beckham Bob, It does not love me. And as far as being darker well it is a great look on others. Definitely not for me! I look like I have just auditioned for the Suicide Squad.

So after laying on the beach with a friend we confirmed that even if I am drooling, glassy eyed and begging there will be no cutting of my hair and no going darker.

For the last few months Andrea has been trying to get my hair back to a shade that Marilyn would have been proud of. Today was the day that happened!

It was an intense process of formula, foils, processing, and a finish of a glossing conditioner, but the finished product was a beautiful creamy vibrant shade of blonde. All done without damaging my hair! In fact it felt healthier (and cleaner) leaving then it did going in.

She kept the cut simple with the exception of one big change.

After three years of having blunt bangs. (Three years! Can we pause and have a moment for that miracle?) I finally decided to switch it up and have her cut and style them to the side.


I admit, I debated hard core, asking several trusted friends for their honest opinion. They all told me to do it. And the great thing is, I can always go back to blunt if I really hate them.

But I kinda don’t.

They are by far much easier to maintain and style, then blunt bangs, saving me extra time in the morning for something much more productive, like sleeping in. Those extra ten minutes are so worth it.

So is feeling like a million bucks which with this hair I do! Many thanks to my color genius! Check her out if you are in town. You will not regret it!

And now I am now ready for my Beyonce wind machine moment.



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