Christmas At The Coast

“Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold.” ~ Josephine Daskam Bacon
A Nautical Christmas 
I guess what they say about saving the best for last is true, because this just might be my favorite post. At the very least it is filled with my favorite memories of this holiday season, which I can not believe is winding down. Sounding like a broken record, it flew at warp speed. This whole year did! But I am digressing.
A Nautical Christmas didn’t just come about because of my blog which is Nautical themed, and is an ode to my love of all things related to the beach. No, it came about because the coast truly does have the most unique and charming coastal Christmases. Everything from celebrations, to the decor, they have got it going on friends!
It might come as a shock, especially in New England, where many of the coastal towns go on a hiatus and shut down from October or November to March or even April. But perhaps that is WHY they go all out. With many businesses shut down, and battling the bitter cold and winds, they need that light, and celebratory feeling. They understand that we create our own happiness and what is more happy or joyful then Christmas decor? Not to mention it is a very smart marketing move. I know they’ve almost sold ME on winter! ALMOST!
Buoy Trees
I mentioned these in my Friday favorites last week, but friends they are just to dang good, and one of the reasons why I love a Nautical Coastal Christmas! They are so creative and yet so nautical. Many are personalized with dates, quotes, imagery, and even pictures. Somehow they get the buoys to form the shape of a tree, and it is absolutely beautiful! The one in Well’s Maine is quite well known, but I recently got to go and see the one at Frisbee’s Wharf (I know the name sounds like a character from Harry Potter!) located in Kittery, Maine. It was equally as stunning and legit made my day!
Lobster Trap Trees
I have also mentioned lobster trap trees in previous posts and while you might think that they are smilier to the buoy trees, they aren’t. These tend to have a little more green as well as use old lobster traps to form the base. And while they will use buoys as ornaments, they don’t make up the whole tree. It is a different look, but still equally as charming. I have seen a lot of trees, both buoy and lobster trap trees and everything in between and they all have their own charm and uniqueness special to the towns they are located in. One of my favorite aspects are the lobster toppers. It is quintessential New England! In true mermaid form, it also makes me want to create my own version!
I admit I am not a huge fan of wreathes. As far as decor goes, it is kinda lame and just a lot of well greenery. That said they do add a certain amount of charm. It seems New Englanders LOVE their wreathes. And they are not just your basic evergreen wreath with a red bow. No there are ornate and decorated with everything from pine cones, to ornaments, to my favorite starfish and shells! And while they aren’t my favorite decoration, I do love taking pictures of them.
To further prove I am not trying to hate on wreathes, there are times I am obsessed with them. Like on lighthouses. I LOVE how Lighthouses up and down the Coast are decorated to the nines. Many with huge (and I do mean huge!) wreathes. They will also get bedecked in lights and I am obsessed! Lighthouses are already gorgeous and this just makes them even more so.
Santa The Sailor
Did y’all know Santa is a sailor? For real friends! In numerous coastal towns through out New England, Santa will arrive by boat whether it is with a good ol’ Coast Guard escort, a lobster boat, or heck a row boat, Santa comes by Boat NOT air. It is the epitome of a Coastal Christmas, and a New England one at that!
Strolls and Parades
If you are in Nantucket or have ever attended Kennebunkport’s Christmas Prelude, you know that these Coastal towns are all about the walking, the competition, the parades, and the Christmas fun! Everything from Christmas hat competitions, to fun floats and to who has the best decorated place (Kennebunkport Inn wins that one in my opinion!) there is Christmas Cheer everywhere you look. And I love it! There is something about the cobbled streets, and historic houses that lends itself as the perfect place to celebrate Christmas. And while it might remind us all of a Hallmark Christmas movie, in my opinion, it is WAY better. Yes I said it!
There is something truly magical about celebrating Christmas on the Coast. It perhaps doesn’t fit the normal Christmas vision or stereotypes, but maybe that is why it is so special. It is unique, but still filled with a coastal charm. Those who live in coastal towns, especially in New England make it their own and I love that.
Have you been to a coastal town at Christmas? Or celebrated Christmas on the coast? 

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