Christmas Cards: A Collab with Glueckgeist

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” ~ Calvin Coolidge

Christmas Cards

Call me old fashioned, but I LOVE snail mail. There is nothing better then sending or receiving a handwritten note to or from someone. In this day and age where we text, and Facebook Message, it is such a rarity to receive a handwritten note which is why it makes it even more special when you do receive that snail mail! E26697F8-5683-4427-85FC-2B36897A16EB

Christmas is the one exception to that rule. UPS and USPS are working overtime as people send packages, newsletters, and cards. It is the time of year where we update each other about what is going on. But even the cute handwritten cards have given way to generic photo collages and mass newsletters, making the only thing personable is the address on the envelope.31306C3C-CDBB-4EBE-82FD-A42077AA4E5E

That is why when Anni from Gluecksgeist asked to do a collab (our first!) about Christmas cards, I jumped at the chance. Anni is a German lifestyle and beauty blogger who bakes up the most delicious treats and takes the most stunning pictures.


I was truly honored when she not only asked me to do a collaboration, but for it to be a part of Blogmas. She has been killing the Blogmas game. Her posts have gotten me in the spirit and are honestly just plain Christmas goals.D3E39270-C389-4A07-9EB2-DEB5735E1EFF

We have been exchanging snail mail for almost a year now, and her cards and letters all the way from Germany always brighten my days. She writes the sweetest things and is always such a ray of sunshine. Honestly it is shocking that we haven’t done a collaboration before now. But what better way to rectify that then at Christmas?


To Many Choices

There is something magical about Christmas cards. I mean let’s be honest, Christmas in general is absolutely magical. But nothing makes me giddier then picking out beautifully decorated cards and hand write messages, in my albite shoddy hand writing, to mail out to friends and family near and far.


Papyrus is one if not my most favorite place to buy stationary. They not only carry the cutest cards, but have a have a wide range of adorable unique stationary for all occasions. I aways have such a hard time picking cards out when I go, and end up buying half the store! D39604C4-A0B0-445D-9FDC-81894ED6457B

The moment I saw the boxed cards featuring a nautical Christmas tree, I KNEW I had to buy them and use them this year. (and every year!) It was like Papyrus had customized the cards for me and I knew they were what I would be writing my handwritten notes on. The message was simple, yet festive, and I loved how they had a touch of glitter.


For the collaboration, Anni and I had discussed sending a truly Christmas-y card. Whatever that meant to us. While the nautical cards were perfect for a mermaid Christmas, I wanted to send Anni a card that was uniquely her. Papyrus had hundreds of cards, ranging from the sweet, to the religious, to the downright hilarious. After perusing dozens, I finally came across a card that had a mug of hot chocolate on it. Knowing how much Ann-Kathrin loves to bake, I knew this card was not only perfect, but as sweet as she is.


Ann-Kathrin’s Cards

After weeks of travel, which ended with me getting super sick with a scarily high temp, receiving Ann-Kathrin’s package was just what the doctor ordered. She didn’t send me one card, but three super adorable cards. The first was a cheery reindeer with googly eyes and a Christmas greeting in German.  The second was the cutest gingerbread man, which is special because Ann-Kathrin’s first blog post was making gingerbread cookies. The third card had another bright cheery reindeer on it and Ann-Kathrin had written the sweetest sentiments.


Not only did Anni send me the sweetest cards, but she also sent a face mask, a lipstick, and a glittery mascara fit for a mermaid. I love how thoughtful she is and how much time and consideration she spent to get me something she knew I would love and that channeled my inner mermaid. It was such a lovely surprise.


I always love exchanging snail mail with Ann-Kathrin, but this was especially fun to do, not just because of the holidays, but also because it was our first collaboration. It added so much cheer to my holiday season! Thank you so much sweet lady for the sweet words, support, gifts, and most of all friendship! If you haven’t checked Ann-Kathrin’s blog out,  Not only does she post amazing content, but her Blogmas posts will get you into the Christmas spirit! And while you are at it check out her collaboration post. She wrote the sweetest post! She truly is on sin a million! <3 94E23941-4FB6-40F5-922C-D33DB7770126

Do you send Christmas cards? Do you prefer handwritten or printed ones? 

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  1. I love your photos so much 🤩😍 and your outfit! You look so festive and cute! Just read this together with my mum and we both smiled the entire time! Thank you so much for sending me so many amazing things, I’m glad you like mine as well 💕 you are one of my favourite bloggers and one of the best blogger friend I have xx

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