Christmas Cards and Pictures

“I don’t think Christmas is necessarily about things. It’s about being good to one another, it’s about the Christian ethic, it’s about kindness.” ~ Carrie Fisher

Old Fashioned  

In some ways I am old fashioned. Or maybe in a lot of ways. I love giving and receiving snail mail. I use to eagerly check my mail box when I lived in New York and it was located in my building, in that oh so city way. Staying at my parents, few people know my address and yet, I have still been pleasantly and ecstatically surprised at the mail I have gotten. And no it isn’t all bills and forwarded mail. In fact one friend, recently told me she Googled my parent’s address (they own a business) after I told her how excited I was to receive her Christmas card.


Mail for me is as good as Santa presents are for kiddos on Christmas morning. There is something personal, and loving about snail mail. You are letting the person know you care about them enough to take a few minutes extra to pick stationary, print a label, and write a message. With the rise of Shutterfly, Simply to Impress, and Paper Culture, picture Christmas cards have become much easier to mass produce. You can write a generic message, stick it in an envelope and put a 55 cent stamp on it and drop it in the mail.


Handwritten Cards

I have thought about going the commercial card route. If you know me, you know my handwriting is crap. It is a running joke in my friend circles about how shoddy my handwriting is. Yet, I love the idea of penning a personal note to my family and friends. letting them know how much the memories we created in the last year meant to me, that I am proud of all of their accomplishments and that I can not wait to see what the next year brings.


I have such amazing people in my life, and have had such incredible adventures with many of them, I love reflecting on those relationships and the memories that have been created from sweet notes to pictures.



This is not sponsored, though Papyrus Call Me, Maybe. I just LOVE Papyrus cards, sorry Hallmark. While they can be pricey (if you are a rewards member, they have great perks and are constantly having discounts) I am obsessed with the cute personal designs, and 3D features many of the cards have. Many of them are embossed and have felt or glitter on them, giving them a unique feel, that only handmade cards have.


They have an extensive collection, and during the holiday season, the options are endless from Christmas to Hanukkah to holiday cards geared for everyone. This year I went for two designs, a basic holiday card with shimmery snowflakes and a happy holidays greeting. The other design I chose, had glitter ornaments and snowflakes on it, wishing the receiver a Merry Christmas. I love the simplicity, yet subtle glam look of the cards.


My Pictures

In recent years, I have thought about doing photo cards, but I not only love writing the personal (perhaps not legible) note, I also love adding intimate pictures. Instead of collages I add prints of activities I have done throughout the year whether it is a hike, exploring the Brooklyn Bridge, or skating. I will also personalize the cards with pictures of friends and I doing fun activities together, so they not only have words, but also an image of our crazy adventures. The last couple of years I have gotten glammed up and taken pictures that are very definitely Christmas themed and it usually involves a Santa hat that I will mail.


This year was no different. I actually ended up doing two different shoots in the same outfit. One was in New York at Bryant Park when I was there in October, minus the Santa hat. I unfortunately couldn’t find mine. The other was at Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, which included Santa hat and all.


It was freezing the day I went to Cape Elizabeth, but while I might have frozen my tushy off, I was also laughing the whole time. I made memories attempting to share memories and you can’t beat that. Life is all about the small moments as much as the big, and sending a personal Christmas card is another special way to celebrate the season, strengthen connections and maybe renew some old ones.


Do you mail out Christmas cards? Do you take special Christmas Pictures? 

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Cards and Pictures

  1. Thoughts to turn over… we’ve had snowfall, so I was able to get some very wintery photos together (I’m a Canadian). Merry Christmas, and how great to see your post!.

  2. Loved all these pictures, and I totally feel the same about Papyrus cards! Our family has never done a card or pictures. My husband grew up in foster care and never really had good holiday experiences, so we are working on creating our own traditions and getting him used to how overboard my side of the family is.

  3. I love receiving your snail mail notes. They are always so sweet and appreciative of your experiences here! Love you🎄🤶🏻❤️

  4. I always LOVE mailing out handwritten cards!! & Papyrus def makes some of my fave, too. This outfit is so YOU, perfect for Christmas card photos. Look at those heels & the reds of the dress & hat are the exact same shade. Wow!

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