Christmas Eve and Advent Calendar Recap

“May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.” ~ Unknown 

Happy Merry Christmas Eve Friends!

To quote the movie, “Elf Santa’s coming!” Tonight!!! Who else is excited? I do not want to sound like a broken record and lament how quickly this season went, (which it did) but how is it only ONE more sleep!?! And I don’t even feel like it is one more sleep, because Christmas Eve is always just as magical as Christmas Day is! And life and pandemics do NOT change that, even though this year once again will be different, it is still special. It is all what you make it. I know I have been big on that as well lately, but I feel like it is a lesson the universe has been driving home to me a lot.

Advent Calendar

I am so sad to be done with my Advent Calendars. They were such nice treats with the daily dose of chocolate from William’s and Sonoma and of course my daily dose of beauty. Sephora absolutely killed it this year with the Advent Beauty Calendar. Days 13 and 14 were a real treat with travel sized cleansing clothes which I LOVE, and Sephora’s hydrating lotion. The next day was a nail file, which is always a staple. Day 16 was a red lip pencil, and day 17 was another amazing treat with Sephora’s Charcoal scrub. Day 18 was a nail polish, and day 19 was eye masks which I also loved. Day 20 was another nail polish this time a miniature base coat which is always necessary. Day’s 21, 22, and 23 were a hair clip, an eye shadow and a bottle opener, and for today, I got a full sized lip gloss, in the prettiest mauve pink. All in all it was a great calendar filled with lots of amazing products!

Christmas Eve 

It has been nice because the last couple weeks I have been able to enjoy the festivities, and even do a little reunion with my best friend, as well as a 24 hour Christmas Vacay. And while we don’t open presents on Christmas Eve, I have opened some from friends (shhh don’t tell Santa) which has been a huge treat.  am truly so blessed.

While we usually go to Christmas Eve mass, for the second year in a row we will not be attending, (thanks COVID!) but we will still be partaking in other traditions and maybe making some new ones! I made my butternut squash bisque soup that I have made the last five or so years, (It is actually super simple to make!) and we will put out stockings and of course  sit by the tree drinking boozy hot chocolate and watch National Lampoon’s a Christmas Vacation. A quiet, but peaceful Christmas Eve, just what Santa ordered in these crazy times!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas Eve friends! Let me know if you spot Santa!

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? Do you open presents on Christmas Eve? 

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