Christmas in July 2023

“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.” ~Helen Steiner Rice

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Christmas in July

Merry Christmas Friends…in July! I know, I know, you probably think I am crazy, and maybe I am, but I do know I am most definitely Christmas obsessed! And I am not the only one! This isn’t to say I am not enjoying summer, because I am. And I am probably one of the few who is happy about this heat wave. As I have mentioned before I actually have two seasons. Summer and Christmas! I live for both. And what could possibly be better than Christmas in July?

There are quite a few theories about how Christmas in July originated. One of them, was that a camp counselor decided it would be fun to have a Christmas celebration during summer camp (and they even brought in fake snow!) in the early 1930’s. About a decade later, there was a movie titled Christmas in July. And lastly because it is so hot on Christmas, Australians (by way of British visitors who were appalled at the heat, because Christmas is a cold weather holiday) decided to celebrate in July during their winter.

Another aspect to it, and as someone who works in marketing, it makes sense, is that a lot of companies are working on their Christmas campaigns right now. Further more, businesses are also trying to move out inventory for the upcoming Back to School and Holiday season, which for many brands, is when they make most of their profit which is in the fourth quarter. Whatever the reason, Christmas in July has taken off and I absolutely adore that we get to celebrate not just once a year but multiple times a year. Not to mention there is something comical about Santa in a bathing suit. Being real.

All the Christmas

The pandemic changed many, MANY things, for the good and perhaps the bad and I think we are still feeling that three years later. but one of the good, in my opinion IS that Christmas in July has become such a hit. During the pandemic, Hallmark aired Christmas movies, and has continued to do so every year. This year is no different, but it is on steroids! They didn’t just air Christmas movies for a week or two, no they are showcasing them ALL month long and they aren’t the only ones, other channels are as well!

July is also when Amazon has their Prime Day, which has almost as many deals, and some even better than Black Friday, as does Walmart, Target, and other retailers. Hotels, like the Opal Collection also run Christmas in July promotions for next year. It is a chance to get a jumpstart on not only Christmas shopping, because really friends, it is NEVER too early, but also planning those vacations and other events and being able to save some moolah. Is there anything better than a deal? I think not! Here are a few gift ideas to help you get a jumpstart on Christmas shopping or a just in case present.

Chappy Wrap

You know how obsessed I am with these blankets, and friends they truly make the best gifts. Regardless of who you are shopping for, everyone loves a cozy blanket, including the kiddos. Or at least the ones in my life. My goddaughter is obsessed with her Chappy Wrap. They have a ton of styles and patterns, and are so well made. I also love that it is a small woman owned company.

Opal Collection

I know I am probably biased, but the Opal Collection has the best hotels along the East Coast. They are the epitome of luxury, while still being super chill and relaxing. And there is a hotel for everyone! While my favorite is located on Mount Desert Island, they also have Lakeside retreats, Gulf Coast Getaways, and even a location in the Mountains that gives me ALL the Dirty Dancing vibes. They also are running a 12 Days of Christmas in July  promotion so now is the chance to treat someone or maybe just yourself to a little getaway.


Another brand I talk about ALL the time is Sewcialite. Roula makes the BEST accessories. And while her earrings and bags do make the perfect gifts, she also makes coasters, wall baskets, and planters, that are perfect to gift a family, new home owners, or just if you are looking for a more functional neutral gift. Her coasters with mugs are some of my favorites to give. Plus it is another small business I am supporting!

Sweet Basil Co.

Friends, Sweet Basil Co. has the cutest boxes for ALL occasions making them the perfect gift whether it is for Christmas or someone’s birthday, or just because. I love that you can customize them with your choice of mug, ice coffee cup, candles, bath bombs, soaps, and plants. They are packaged so well, and there is not a detail, that she does not pay attention to, that they truly are unique for each person given.

Gift Cards

When all else fails there are always gift cards! It is the more elegant form of giving money (and who doesn’t love money?) but still letting the person pick out something you know they will love. One of my favorite things is to get coffee gift cards, because coffee IS the language of love. At least it is MY love language, and I know I will use it. It is an easy gift, AND practical.

Are you a fan of Christmas in July? When do you start your Christmas shopping? 



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