Christmas Wrappings and Cards

“So deck those halls. Trim those trees. Raise up cups of Christmas cheer.” ~ Christmas Wrappings

Switching things up

Sorry in advance friends, but the title of this post is definitely making me think of the song “Christmas Wrappings,” and as such I HAD to use a quote from the song. And now, dare I say it, it is now stuck in my head, and probably yours too! Oh well ’tis the season! I always do a wrapping’s post because I love wrapping, and last year I even compiled tips on how to wrap the perfect present. I also always do a card post but I since I switched that up this year, I decided to combine these two topics so as to not bore you all. And hopefully I don’t!


If you have been following me, you know I love wrapping. It might be my favorite thing about getting ready for Christmas. And in my opinion, a tree is not fully decorated unless there are presents under the tree. Heck you don’t even have to OPEN them. Just leave the presents wrapped all prettily with bows and ribbon underneath the tree all season long! (I am sure I just became the kids least favorite aunt with that remark.) I feel like it adds that special finishing touch to a tree. And perhaps that is why I am so particular about my wrapping paper! The perfect paper adds to the perfect Christmas aesthetic.

Christmas aesthetic aside, I also find wrapping calming. And while it feels like I am out of practice at first by the time Christmas Eve comes I am a pro! This year I felt like I was very accomplished and on top of it. Not only with my gifts to buy and wrap, but also my parents. I bought all my present early (and they were ALL small businesses!) and had them wrapped before Thanksgiving and shipped the day after! Instead of a frenzied season, I feel like it has actually been quite peaceful and I have bene able to enjoy it without the stresses that can come with worrying about shipping and such. Plus I started Christmas for friends a little early! It is a season after all!

Christmas Cards

SO I pretty much dropped the ball last year. (and if you DID get a card, it was probably because I also sent you a present, my apologies for the repeat card, but hopefully you didn’t even notice!) Which is unfortunate, because I LOVED my Christmas Cards. They were absolutely perfect! But alas life gets overwhelming and I NEVER sent them out. Well this year I was going to rectify that, and much like my shopping and wrapping, I had my cards written in November. In fact I went to Bar Harbor the second week of November and I finished them the night before. I wanted to make sure I got them done this year!

I also may or may not have used the same pictures as last year. In my defense, I actually didn’t receive my pictures until AFTER Christmas (I was NOT salty about that at all) due to a huge snafu on the companies part (they did resend them, but refused to do expedited shipping) so no one actually SAW those pictures. I ended up having to go to Walmart and unfortunately the quality wasn’t the best, but what can you do? It was 2020 after all! Despite the message on the back, it honestly made no sense to throw them out, and/or NOT find a use for them. Thus, I recycled this year, not that many people were aware of that, unless you DID flip it over.

I had actually wanted to do a card from Minted or Shutterfly, and I may do that next year now that I have finally put my stack of cards and pictures to good use. Of course there is NOTHING better then a handwritten card in my opinion so we shall see! I know my hands would definitely thank me!

Do you like wrapping? Are you particular about your wrapping paper? Do you do cards and pictures? 

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