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One of the important things about yoga, about being a yoga teacher, is practice. Whether it is your own practice in the comfort of your apartment, or practice as in going to class every day. You have to practice!

And as a yogi teacher in training, we really have to practice. Not only so we can keep in shape, but also know what we are talking about, as my teacher says “come from a place of authenticity”

How can we be authentic if we never practice? How can be authentic if we don’t enable our words that we will be teaching our students? How can we breathe or tell our students if we don’t? We can’t.

In a world where we are sensationalized by unauthentic people and images, aka Hollywood, it is important more then ever to come from that place when teach and guide our students.

So I have been taking classes, a gazillion classes it seems.

One I need the hours. Since it is required. And two it goes back again to the authenticy bit.

And as much as my body was screaming at first, now I have learned so much about the different classes and different teachers. It really is incredible. It isn’t just a phase or a job, these teachers truly do come from an authentic place. And for me as a student and hopefully a teacher some day it is inspiring to see.

Also inspiring in the none yoga world, yet totally geeky of the movie variety, I am making friends, and one friend shares my total excitement and obsession about Titanic in 3D (which FYI I hate 3D!) So we are going to go and see it.

Yes, I know, I am a dork to even mention it here, but screw it! I am excited! And I am also excited because I have been plotting! Oh yes you will have to wait and see by what plotting I mean! Mwahahaha.

Namaste Peeps!

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